Once the pumpkin pie has settled, the entertainment doesn’t have to stop tableside. Gather the family around the couch to unwind for a holiday-themed movie. We’ve selected this list of G-rated Thanksgiving movies, from classics to more recent heartwarming stories, to add to your family’s tradition.

  1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving—Fall in love with the Peanuts gang as they spend a turkey dinner together, with Charlie Brown at the head of the table. This 1973 classic is still widely enjoyed by families year after year.
  2. Winnie The Pooh’s Seasons of Giving—The ever-so endearing characters Winnie, Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit have warmed families’ hearts for decades. This 1999 animation features a collection of holiday adventures and fun sing-along songs. Can you sing with Winnie?
  3. Care Bears Give Thanks—Bring home the magic of caring and sharing with this 2008 Care Bears’ Thanksgiving series. Watch six episodes from the original television series, and experience the joy of Thanksgiving adventures through the eyes of cuddly bears. Ask your family which bear resembles you? Perhaps Tenderheart Bear or Cheer Bear?
  4. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration—Who doesn’t love this zany trio of chipmunks? Fall in love with Alvin, Simon, and Theodore as they sing their way through family drama during Thanksgiving in this 2008 flick.
  5. Garfield’s Thanksgiving—This 1989 special features one of the most beloved cats from the Sunday comics. Meet Garfield, possibly the moodiest cat in all cartoons, and his rival Odie, the not so sharp dog.


  • These G-rated movies are great for kids of all ages, big or small.
  • Movies can entertain the kids while you prepare your Thanksgiving feast or unwind after eating.
  • Classic holiday movies evoke fond memories in adults, while offering new one for kids.
  • Make movie watching with the little ones a Thanksgiving family tradition.

Last reviewed by Kristie Rivers, MD, FAAP. Review Date: September 2020


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