As a toddler approaches 2 years old, they will become increasingly confident and assured in motor skills — walking, running, throwing and kicking balls, and picking up and rearranging pretty much everything in your residence that isn’t nailed down. Your baby will also be much better at feeding, dressing, and undressing. However, you probably won’t be able to reliably count on your child to perform all these tasks, and, depending on his or her temperament, your baby may or may not be ready to begin toilet training. Don’t worry much if your child doesn’t attain one or two of the developmental milestones listed below; at this age there can still be a wide range of “normal,” and most toddlers catch up sooner or later!

By 20-24 months, most toddlers can:

  • Throw or kick a large ball.
  • Ride securely on a 3-wheeled toy such as a tricycle or possibly a scooter.
  • Take off some of their own clothes (shoes, socks, hats, etc.).
  • Drink from a small size-appropriate cup and put it back on the table without spilling the contents.
  • Walk while carrying a large toy or other object.
  • Stack two, three, or more blocks on top of each other.
  • Pull you by the hand when they want to show you something.
  • Turn the pages of a book one at a time, rather than in a bunch.

By 20-24 months, some toddlers may:

  • Figure out how to turn the knobs on doors.
  • Walk backwards.
  • Reliably tell you when they’re wet or soiled.
  • Be able to climb down from furniture without adult assistance.

By 20-24 months, a few toddlers can:

  • Throw a ball with reasonable accuracy.
  • Catch a large ball when it’s thrown to them gently.
  • Begin learning how to toilet train.

More in milestones:


  • Toddlers just shy of 2 years old are increasingly confident when walking and running.
  • Children this age can usually feed and undress themselves, to a certain extent.
  • Most soon-to-be 2 year olds can throw or kick a large ball.


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  1. I still love reading ahead! My son is now almost 16 months old, and he’s already meeting most of these developmental milestones! 🙂 My favorite on this list is the block stacking…he’s up to about 6-7 blocks consistently before he karate chops them all down!


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.