While a stroller is an essential item for your baby, there are a number of safety issues to consider. Between 2008 and 2013, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 1,203 nonfatal accidents,  four fatalities and nearly 360 injuries related to strollers. By following these safety tips, you can ensure an enjoyable trip for your baby while on the go.

  • Never leave your child unattended while in a stroller.
  • No matter how short the trip (or even if you’re not going anywhere), always securely buckle your baby into the stroller while he or she is in the stroller.
  • Select a stroller that has widely spaced wheels to prevent tipping over.
  • Never hang shopping bags or other items over the handles of the stroller. This can cause the stroller to overbalance to the back and tip.
  • If you choose a stroller with a basket, make sure the basket is low to the ground and located near the back wheels.
  • Choose a stroller with brakes that are easy to use. Always use the brakes whenever you stop the stroller. Make sure that your child is unable to reach the release lever for the brakes.
  • When hanging toys or using a bumper bar, ensure they are securely fastened according to manufacturer’s directions for both the stroller and the toy.
  • Since your baby’s fingers can get caught in the hinges, keep your child at a safe distance when unfolding and folding the stroller. Ensure that your baby cannot reach the stroller wheels.
  • Make sure the stroller is locked securely before placing your baby inside.
  • Avoid leaving the stroller out in the sun for extended periods of time. The metal or plastic to become hot enough to burn your baby.
  • The stroller’s leg openings should be small enough to prevent your baby from slipping through.
  • Avoid using blankets and pillows in the stroller, although it is okay to use a rolled-up blanket to secure an infant.
  • The stroller should not have parts that may pose a choking hazard or pinch your child’s fingers.
  • Make sure your baby meets the weight limits of the stroller.
  • Always complete the registration card that comes with your stroller. This will allow you to be notified if your stroller is ever recalled.
  • When purchasing a used stroller, make sure it hasn’t been recalled.


  • Never leave your baby unattended while in a stroller and always make sure the stroller is locked before placing your baby inside.
  • Always buckle your baby’s seatbelt and harness when inside the stroller.
  • Avoid hanging bags from the stroller’s handles and making sure that it doesn’t have any parts that may be a choking hazard.
  • Complete the registration card so you can be notified of recalls.

Last reviewed by Sara Connolly, MD. Review Date: December 2019



  1. Great tips! My son is a wiggle worm, so we definitely learned the “always buckle” and “lock the wheels” lessons fast!


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