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Parents often ask, “What is a typical feeding and sleep schedule for my baby or child? How much sleep should my baby or toddler be getting?”

Even if it seems completely random when your child is awake or asleep, most kids follow pretty typical schedules and have the same approximate need for sleep. Click on any of the headlines below for typical sleep schedules for infants and children depending on their age.

Please note that “typical” schedules apply to generally healthy children with no growth or developmental concerns. These sleep schedules are based upon recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics. The guidelines are flexible so you don’t need to adhere to them too rigidly.


  1. Kim West, LCSW-C. The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight.

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  1. Thanks Beth. Of course its always best to watch the clock AND your baby’s cues!

  2. Thanks for listing a general guideline. It definitely helps to have an idea of how much they should be sleeping