Birth control pills and glaucoma risk?

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Birth control pills and glaucoma risk?

Have any of you seen this study that came out this week about the increased risk of glaucoma in women who take birth control pills?
Here’s my take on it – it is definitely an interesting study, but work still needs to be done to figure out if the increased risks were directly caused by the pills. And the increased incidence was statistically significant, but not huge.
Please don’t read this and stop taking your pills!! Talk with your doctor first if you’re concerned and together you can make a plan.
We should all be getting our eyes checked regularly anyway, regardless if you are on a pill or not – but maybe this will help us remember that?….


  1. My husband got a vasectomy so I’m thrilled I no longer have to take any sort of birth control. I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen, then Yasmin, next I had my two babies, then Yaz and finally Mirena. It seemed there were warnings left and right for everything out there. With the Yasmin and Yaz I saw those commercials talking about blood clots and strokes. And with Mirena I knew several people that it would get “lost up there” and have to have surgery to remove it. A friend of a friend even got pregnant on it! I just really am happy not to take anything. I’m scared of what my periods will be like, but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it! I just got the Mirena out last week!

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  2. That’s great your hubby took care of things on the birth control front – good for him!

    With birth control there are always warning and things to be aware of, but they are very safe medications when used in the right person. Keep in mind the following:

    -Risk of blood clots/strokes while on estrogen-containing birth control is about 7 additional cases per 10,000 women. That number is actually 15/10,000 women when you are pregnant, and 50/10,000 women in the postpartum period (because of high levels of estrogen hormone related to pregnancy – much more than in any pill). Perspective is important!

    -Mirenas don’t get lost; rather, a uterine perforation can happen at the time of insertion. That is rare especially in someone experienced in insertions.

    -The pregnancy rate with Mirena in place is about 0.4%. One of the best methods out there!

    Remember….everyone shares their horror stories, but the success stories are not usually broadcast with as much enthusiasm!

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