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Boggie Sucker Machine

Boggie Sucker Machine

We were given an electronic nose plunger thing at my baby shower. It plays music and does am awesome job of clearing our little boys nose. We normally don’t use it though because he hates it and screams like we’re torturing him and he had gotten good at letting us use the old school nose plunger thing a little. But lately he has had a little cold and his nose is running like crazy and the old school one is just not cutting it. I have had to use the battery operated machine one and it works amazingly and gets everything out of his nose every time I just feel like complete crap doing it because the whole time he’s crying screaming and trying to get away from me. And not a normal tantrum or whiny on ornery cry his whole face turns red his body stiffens up and even though I don’t think it’s hurting him and he acts just fine when it’s all done it kills me. I wish the old school nose plunger saying worked just as good as the machine one does but it just doesn’t . please help!! should I keep using the machine or just do the best I can with the old school one???


  1. Hi Danielle! Sorry your little one has a cold. The suction machines are a relatively new phenomenon so it is important to use them with caution. While a runny nose is frustrating, if it is not interfering with eating or sleeping, then there is no need to constantly keep it clear. My advice is to add some nasal saline spray to his nose while he is in an upright position to loosen the mucus and then allow most to drain on its own. Only use the suction if you think it will help him feed or sleep easier. Watch for any signs of trauma such as blood in the mucus and if you notice that, stop immediately. Of course, see your doctor if this cold lasts longer than typical, includes fevers, or if you are otherwise concerned.

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    1. Thank you love!!!

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