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Diaper Rash

Schofield, WI

Diaper Rash

New mom, am due any day. My husband and I were wondering, if our baby has a bad diaper rash are we able to put cream or powder on the area and them let air out? Or should the area be immediately covered again?


  1. Hi Courtney! Well, that depends on the cause of the rash. Rashes can be from a reaction to the diaper, the stools, bacterial or yeast. They are common but not required in infancy, so some babies never have diaper rash! For mild rashes, ones that are not uncomfortable and cause just a bit of pinkness to the skin, try a barrier cream then recover. We now stay away from powder due to the risk of breathing it into the lungs. This is a change from back a generation or two ago. If the rash is from yeast, then an anti fungal cream helps. Your pediatrician will be happy to check on any rash that gives you pause!

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    1. Very helpful, did not know this, thank you very much!

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