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Inquinal hernia in babies

Airlington heights, IL

Inquinal hernia in babies

My 2 month old baby girl diagnosed to have inquinal hernia and it has to be operated after she is 4 month old. What could be the cause of inquinal hernia in babies? Can it be cured without surgery? Please advise.


  1. Hi Anitha,
    Great question! Inguinal hernias are pretty common in babies. They happen because of a natural gap called the inguinal ring in that area does not close as it should during development and that gap allows for a pouching out of abdominal contents. We operate on them because there is a risk that when the intestine or ovary pushes through that ring, it can get trapped and lead to serious trouble. They do not go away by themselves. Inguinal hernias are easily repaired by a pediatric surgeon and babies tolerate the surgery very well. They are not caused by anything you did during pregnancy or after your baby girl was born!

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    1. Thanks for your reply. Does giving anaesthesia cause any hindrance to physical and brain development ?

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