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Is my child gifted?

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Is my child gifted?

What exactly qualifies as a gifted child? My son is extremely intelligent and advanced for his age, but how do you differentiate between clever and gifted?


  1. Hi Harper! Great question. To a certain extent, time will tell if a child is truly gifted or just clever. Children from homes where education is valued, where they are read to daily and given instruction about the world around them can seem gifted in comparison to peers without that stimulation. Formal IQ testing which is done around age four, can determine if your child is academically gifted (although there are many less objectively tested gifts). Testing is done by a psychologist or developmental specialist. Here’s a great article written by our own gifted psychologist, Dr. Raquel Anderson that explains some of the characteristics typical of a gifted child.

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    1. Super, thanks, I’ll have have a read!

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