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Pregnant or not?

Pregnant or not?

My last period was Sep 26, I have 28 days cycles, on Oct 10th, I felt so bloated and my abdominal was so heavy, and I had gases, lower back pain, cramps, headaches and slight fever. On Oct 15 I had a brownish and pink spotting only 3 times when wiping, on Oct 16th only one spotting which was light red, on Oct 17th I had a couple of spotting and they were light red as well, no spotting after, during that time I felt pinches in my uterus as well and my mucus after that was stretchy and still is, I feel nausea but it isn’t too bad, one time I felt I am about to throw up but didn’t end up throwing up, after that nausea settles if I eat or drink herbal tea. I did an early pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative, the wait is devastating. am I pregnant or not?


  1. Hi Alia, It’s possible you could be pregnant and your test was just done too early. I’d retest on the day of when your period is due if you miss it (you can retest before than of course if you can’t stand the wait, but don’t be bummed out if it is negative as it can still be too early). Good luck!

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