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All three of my baby’s are sick!
My oldest is 5 he has been throwing up an coughing since Friday, he is in pre k.
My second will be 2 on the 29th, he has an ear infection, same as oldest, an he has to be on an inhaler, (not sure if he might have asthma)
My youngest is 4 months old. She also has an ear infection, an also has a cold!
I cannot stop coughing for nothing. My husband is also sick! I have no clue what to do! My head hurts so bad non stop! How do y’all handle it?? My oldest doesn’t want to do anything but jump off EVERYTHING! my second child loves to get into everything wants to be held all the time. As well as my baby, I am one person I can’t hold all three of them at once. And my middle child refuses to let me hold my baby at the same time as him! Please any suggestions that can help?!?! Thanks !


  1. Oh Chyann! You are in the trenches! This is hard stuff, mama. The key is just take your time. Wear the baby if you have a sling or Baby Bjorn. Or pass the baby on for a few hours to a trusted friend who can help you cuddle – the baby won’t know the difference and you can be freed to love on the two year old. Check in with their doctor to make sure they are healing as expected. Say no to anyone who asks you a favor. It feels hard because it is hard. Keep everyone hydrated and don’t worry if they don’t have an appetite for solid food right now. Remember that acetaminophen helps not only with fever but with pain from ear infections or headaches. Keep yourself hydrated too!

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