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So confused

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So confused

I feel like my mind or body is playing cruel tricks on me. My last period was 9/16 and I have 32 day cycles. In July I had a miscarriage but have been ovulating and having normal periods since. I ovulated a few days later in October on the 6th. On the 19th I had some light spotting for a day on and off with like an hour of heavier bleeding. After that nothing no cramps or clots. My periods are normally 7 days and very painful. So a few days after things started getting bad. I was having nausea like crazy going to pee constantly and felt exhausted. So I took a test. Negative. Took another a few days later. Negative fast forward to the past few days and the nausea is really bad I have low back pain slight cramps and some pains in the groin area. I can’t get enough sleep and when I do sleep I have very vivid dreams. I am going to the bathroom every 30 mins it seems headaches on and off and I am crying at the drop of a hat. And I can smell everything. I had a blood test that came back 1. I feel pregnant but now I am unsure of what’s going on. Any ideas.


  1. Hi Ashley, It sounds like you aren’t pregnant at this time if both urine and blood tests were negative. However your symptoms could be related to PMS and if your cycles are off a bit it could be a bit more severe. I’d check in with your doctor and continue to keep good track with a menstrual/bleeding/symptom calendar. Depending on whether or not you are trying to get pregnant he/she can try some different things to get you back on track. Good luck!

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