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Unswaddle 5 month all with eczema and pacificier

Unswaddle 5 month all with eczema and pacificier

Hi all the super mommies!
I have 5-month-old baby boy and he’s starting to roll over soon, in a matter of time, cuz I can see him arching is back quite often when he lays on his back… So I’m thinking and preparing myself to unswaddle him!! TAADA (horrifying)
He’s been swaddle since day one and can only fall asleep with it and with a pacifier! And he’s been having this eczema skin which makes him scratch himself all the time, (his face, legs…most of the time bloody! I have his nails cut and trim every day).
I tried once to unswaddle him with one arm and he just kept knocking his dummy out and scratch himself…
So my question is what would you do? andy similar stories and successful or unsuccessful stories or tips?
At this moment we are room sharing and the sleep training is quite successful (i don’t need to hold him or rock him to sleep, he can sleep by himself after the bed routine) But I guess once I unswaddle him, everything will be different huh?


  1. Hi Belinda! It might not be as bad as you expect. As you mention, he’s changing so quickly so the swaddle might become less important as he learns to control his body. You could try nap time without the swaddle first, as a test run. Also, if you haven’t already, talk with your pediatrician about his eczema. It’s a good time to try and get it under control – before he really scratches! I’d love to hear what some of the other Bundoo families think too!

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    1. Thank you, Dr. Sara!
      Yeah, I’ve tried the naps without swaddle he did ok, better than I thought, need to pad him and be with him for 10/15min til he falls asleep. But as soon as he starts scratching he will wake up, knocking off his pacifier… can’t soothe himself back to sleep. Still swaddle my little one for the night time, cuz I don’t want and bloody face in the morning 🙁
      I guess I will get rid of swaddle first then deal with pacifier later.
      His eczema is very unpredictable depends on the weather if its too cold and dry the skin will break or too hot and humid 🙁 has to maintain the humidity between 60% (We live in South East Asia super humid and hot in the summer). Just got some scratch me not sleeves to see if that would help.

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