15 Best Parenting Memes of 2013

We’re not going to include Harlem Shake, hot dog legs or twerking here, although some might argue they lead to parenthood. Instead, we’re sharing our favorite parenting memes of 2013—the funny, the relatable, and the ones that make mamas and daddies say “Awww.”

1. Bat Dad

He drives a Honda Odyssey instead of a batmobile, but we still think he’s pretty fly. He made it big by posting short video clips on Vine, doing everyday dad things sporting a batman mask and batman voice. Check out a compilation of his best vines here.

2. 11-Month-Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

What’s cuter than twin babies jamming out to Dad’s guitar playing? NOTHING.

3. Resisting Arrest Meme

Because we can all relate to babies who just. won’t. nap.

resisting arrest

4. Babies Ruin Bodies

Talk about ending the year on a high note! If you haven’t read this “ode to my postpartum body” yet, do it. And reread it when you feel that post-baby insecurity rising.

5. #Xmas Jammies

This family’s Christmas video puts even the most creative Christmas cards to shame.  Prepare to feel one-upped.

6. You Do NOT Want to Get on This Baby’s Bad Side

Babies can be sweet and cuddly. They can also look oddly intimidating like Mr. T.  This baby’s face was made for memes.

baby's bad side

7. Baby Cries With Emotion When Mom Sings

Mascara alert! This baby is so moved by his mother’s singing voice, that you will be, too.

8. Dear Mom on the iPhone

Moving message about what a busy mama’s life really looks like, and why we should stop judging those moms at the park.

9. 5-Year-Old Signing Christmas Concert

While singing along at her holiday concert, this little girl signs the song to her deaf parents. One to tug the heart strings.

10. Light Up Shoes

There is nothing uglier than the design of a light-up shoe, unless you’re a preschooler. This convinced me to buy my daughter a pair (but I’m still cringing).

11. Pregnancy Means Having to Pee… A lot

Get ready to say, “Mmm hmm” and “Amen, sister” to this one.

have to pee again

12. Nonverbal Boy With Autism Sings Katy Perry’s “Roar”

The first time 8-year-old Jack Robbins put words together came in the form of a song. Just beautiful.

13. Bathroom Break

Remember what it was like to use the bathroom in privacy? Nah, me neither.

14. Grumpy Cat

This wouldn’t be a 2013 list without Grumpy Cat. He hates everything—parents and kids included.

15. Precious Jewels

If you haven’t seen this quote yet, you’ve been under a rock. Read and remind yourself that you love being a mother.

precious jewels

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  1. Awesome! These show how, even with all the challenges, parenting is both funny and inspirational!

    1. That it is! I am always amazed at what I can learn from seeing the world from my daughter’s perspective, and we have constant laughs in our house from what my daughter thinks about things.

  2. Love these! Number 7 is my favorite. Such a sweet reminder of how in tune our babies are to the world around them.


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.