8 cheap outdoor activities for kids in the winter

Besides building the snowman, there must be other fun stuff to do in the winter, right? Here are a few educational and fun activities to do with your kids during the chilly winter times!

1. Create a scavenger hunt with nature’s offerings. Pick up branches and pinecones and talk to your kids about the different textures, colors, and sizes of each piece. Then you can decorate what you found with paint, glitter, and glue and even put them on construction paper.

2. Build snow castles and forts with beach buckets. Who says beach buckets are only for the sand? They are also useful for the snow, too! Try decorating your creation with some branches and leaves.

3. Teach your child about ice. Take some snow from outside and talk about its texture, with and without gloves on. Then bring the snow inside the house and watch how it changes in consistency.

4. Blow some bubbles and watch what happens to them outside.

5. Create snow-potato heads. Make smaller balls of snow and decorate them with potato head accessories.

6. Pin the decoration on the snowman. After decorating your snowman, take turns playing pin the tail on the donkey with the snowman. All you need is a blindfold and a removed decorative piece of the snowman.

7. Teach your child about melting ice. You will need a few materials for this activity. Take ice and place in bowls or Popsicle containers and let them freeze overnight. The following morning, loosen the ice with a little bit of warm water to take the pieces of ice from the bowls or Popsicle containers and place them over a baking tray. Then give your child a small container of salt and let them pour some salt over each piece of ice. Show your child how the salt melts the ice and watch the water pour over. Next, prepare a few spray bottles with different colored water. You can also give your child a paintbrush or dropper and different colors and let your child decorate the pieces of ice with the different colors. Once you are done with the coloring, take the pieces outside and see each piece of colored ice in the sunlight. In this fun activity, you are teaching your child to delay gratification by waiting until the next day to start the activity, how salt melts ice, and how to use your imagination to decorate pieces of ice.

8. Build an indoor edible snowman with chocolate wafers, bananas for the body pieces, candy corn for the nose, blueberries or raisins for the eyes, and black licorice or pretzel sticks for the arms and legs.

What are your favorite wintertime activities with your kids? Share yours in the comments.

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About Dr. Eva Benmeleh, Bundoo Child Psychologist

Dr. Eva Benmeleh is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in the 0-5 age range. She is also a certified lactation educator and helps mothers with breastfeeding issues in pediatric practices. She currently works in private practice in North Miami Beach, Florida.


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