Bundoo’s Twelve Days of Christmas: The best Christmas gift

My husband is awesome. Great dad, supportive of my career, helps out around the house…even does the dishes without being asked. I am a lucky girl.

But the ins and outs of mommy-hood, the doctor world, and life in general can be overwhelming at times. And despite our best efforts, marriage sometimes falls to the bottom of the priority list when there is dinner to cook, laundry to be done, and a new Bundoo article to write. So last Christmas, instead of scrambling around looking for the perfect present, which we didn’t even really need anyway, we decided to simplify life and spend the money on a long weekend getaway. Just the two of us. As in no children for four whole days.

It was far and away the best Christmas gift EVER.

We hopped on a plane, and in a few short hours were transported from South Florida’s mid-December 80-degree weather to the 40-degree winter wonderland of New York City at Christmas time. For four blissful days, we window shopped, ice skated in Central Park, saw Broadway shows, ate roasted chestnuts, and laughed more than we had in a long time. We remembered who we were—and still are—when it is just the two of us. Beneath our mommy and daddy roles that consume us every day.

I don’t need to tell you that parenthood is awesome and rewarding. But the everyday challenges and the stress can wear on a marriage. I have realized that we must be intentional about the time we carve out for that special someone we have chosen to spend forever with. It may not always be a spectacular whirlwind weekend in NYC, but the best gift you can give to your partner this holiday season is the opportunity to reconnect. Quality time spent away from the distractions of everyday life, remembering why you chose them in the first place.

Because, after all, a strong marriage is the most important gift you could ever give to your children.

About Dr. Kristie Rivers, Bundoo Pediatrician

Kristie Rivers, MD, FAAP, is a Bundoo Pediatrician.


  1. What an awesome idea! My husband and I take a long weekend vacation every year without our daughter, and it’s wonderful and really helps cement our relationship. If you can’t afford a weekend trip away, we’ve also done a staycation where we leave our child with the grandparents and do things in our city we don’t normally do with our daughter. Such a good gift idea, though, to do all the planning and give it as a gift. I’m done shopping this year, but just might pull this off for next year!


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