“The worst gift I ever got was _____”

Of course we teach our kids good manners when they’re opening Christmas gifts—but who hasn’t opened a gift and thought, “Really? You thought this was for me?”

We decided to poll some of our members and fans on Facebook about their funniest gift experiences, and here are two things we found out: you gotta love Grandmas, but they can seem a little fixated on underwear and socks, and guys in general need help in the gift department.

So here, in no particular order, are some of the worst gifts (given with love, we’re sure) you’ve gotten:

1. An Xbox golfing game for Wendy Arcado, even though she hates both golf and video games. The moral here for husbands and boyfriends: if you want a video game for yourself, don’t put her name on it!

2. A calculator for Raven Brough. This is one step away from possibly the worst gifts of all time: vacuums, housecleaning supplies, diet books, and gym memberships. Unless you’ve basically been ordered to gift one of these items, Christmas morning is not a time for self-improvement suggestions disguised as gifts.

3. A used comforter for Lacy Robinson-Epting that she saw on her aunt’s bed the week before. Really? Used blankets?

4. Chip clips and printer paper for Alexe Lloyd Middleton, from her mother-in-law. Not sure what this gift says about what Alexe’s MIL thinks of her, but maybe she goofed and mixed up the office gift with her daughter-in-law’s gift?

5. A big red suitcase “when I was 13,” for Linda Connolly. It’s true teenagers can be annoying, but sending them packing before they can drive? Ouch.

6. In the “Grandma underwear” category, we have a twofer: Rachel Morgan got a pack with the 25-cent sticker still on it and Bridget Morgan received a days-of-the-week pack of underwear.

7. Slippers for Bundoo OB/GYN Jen Lincoln. “And don’t worry,” she was told, “they’re the cheap kind,” because everyone knows that moms LOVE cheap slippers for Christmas!

8. A nose-hair trimmer for Andy Greenwood from his aunt-in-law. This is bad enough, but it gets worse: the gift was a request from his wife. That one hurt.

9. A picture of her beloved cockapoo puppy for Destiny Thurman. This one doesn’t sound so bad, right, because who doesn’t love their puppy? Problem was, the randy puppy had “become excited” in the way boy dogs get excited, and no one had noticed until she unwrapped the gift. This one is filed under NSFC because it’s not safe for Christmas.

10. And last but not least, Heather Davis’s “gift” from her husband: morning sickness, thanks to a new pregnancy. That is a bummer, Heather, but hey, we can help!

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten? Tell us in the comments!

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About Dori Zinn, Bundoo Associate Editor

Dori Zinn is the Associate Editor at Bundoo. When not badgering people to make Amazon Wish Lists to avoid bad gift-giving, she’s making latkes with her grandmother.


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