Dear Bundoo: Can I dye my hair while I’m pregnant?

Can tanning, hair dye, or waxing have any effect on a pregnant woman’s baby? See what Dr. Jen Lincoln advises this mom-to-be.

Dear Bundoo,

I am 10 weeks pregnant and ecstatic! But I’m concerned about the upkeep of my beauty regimen. I have regular appointments at my hair salon, tanning salon, and waxing salon. Can I still keep up my appointments while pregnant? Do I need to stop until after I give birth? How will these treatments affect my baby, if at all?

—Pretty Woman


Dear Pretty Woman,

Congrats on your pregnancy! As for your beauty regimen, I would recommend altering it some. You may want to book early-morning appointments (such as when they first open) at the hair salon to avoid the build-up of smells from the various chemicals being used. Make sure your place is well-ventilated, no matter what time you go. If your trips including dying your hair, the good news is that we don’t think it causes any harm to baby, since such little amounts probably get into your bloodstream. Some women, however, take the extra precautions of avoiding hair dye in the first trimester (or altogether in pregnancy) or have their stylist avoid placing it on the scalp.

Tanning is not good for anyone, so I would recommend you stop that, pregnant or not! Your risk of melanoma drastically increases when using tanning beds. In pregnancy, your skin is already prone to changes such as stretch marks and chloasma (the natural dark patches on some pregnant women’s faces), and tanning will probably make these more obvious. Additionally, you may also overheat, which is never good for your baby.

Lastly, waxing may be OK to continue, but you’ll have to see. Your skin may become more sensitive in pregnancy, so it may become too painful or get too irritated (especially the vulva). Be sure that wherever you go is sanitary and that you keep an eye out afterwards for signs of rashes or infection.

Answered by Dr. Jen Lincoln, MD, Bundoo OB/GYN


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