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This summer, I took a wonderful trip with my family to the Jersey shore. Every year, we travel north to celebrate summer. We play and eat and in general just enjoy being together without the constant demands of a two-doctor household.

Because our children are still small, we try to hold onto routine when we travel. We eat and sleep at more or less the same times we do when we are home. I find that routine is comforting to children when they are away from home and helps them stay relaxed and happy. One part of our routine that we almost never skip is our bedtime reading. It’s a great way to let the kids know that the exciting day is at a close and bedtime is upon us. It calms them down and lets them know that we are safe and at home even when we are away.

We are lucky in that our New Jersey hostess, my Auntie Di, stocks our room full of new children’s books each time we arrive. So each year, we get to re-read old favorites and experience new books. My children love rediscovering their books from the years prior left in “their” room. Even better is the fact that Auntie Di has an uncanny ability to pick books for kids. Here’s a list of this year’s winners as well as an old favorite that popped up again. They are each sweet and silly and perfect for the under-five crowd!

  • “The Watermelon Seed” by Greg Pizzoli: A funny story about a crocodile who fears what will happen when he swallows a watermelon seed. Includes a good burp, which incites giggles every time.
  • “If You Want to See a Whale” by Julie Fogliano and Erin Stead: This is a beautiful little book that makes the hearts of mamas and babies happy.
  • “That is Not a Good Idea” by Mo Willems: This author is on fire! His books are fun, silly and interactive. This one found its way into my son’s suitcase on our way back home.
  • “Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson: This is a sweet story of an imaginative little boy and his purple crayon and reminds us that young children have powerfully creative little minds.

I hope everyone makes time to read with their kids, whether it’s during a lazy summer vacation or the hectic school year. It doesn’t have to take an hour or a special place, just a few minutes with a short book or two. In our house, we end each night with the exact same book, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. We’ve been reading it for going on five years now; my kids insist on it. Reading is such an amazing way to bond and to let your children know they are loved.

About Dr. Sara Connolly, Board Certified Pediatrician

Dr. Sara Connolly is a Bundoo Pediatrician. She regularly writes and reviews articles on Bundoo.


  1. I agree! There’s nothing sweeter than snuggling up with my daughter and a good book after a hectic day.

  2. I have The Watermelon Seed and Harold and the Purple Crayon. Great books. Especially love how Harold gets the creative juices flowing!


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