How to get your baby ready for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIX has officially taken over the world. On Sunday, Feb. 1, you can watch the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots face off for the most coveted spot in the NFL.

There will be snacks. There will be commercials. There will be a halftime show, and somewhere in there, there will eventually be a football game. But how will you get your little one ready? Etsify your baby with some outfits to will show their (your) love for the big game.

1. There’s no crying in football

Except in excitement of this adorable outfit.

no crying in football onesie
Via Etsy


2. Pink + football = Game Day ready

Not just for little boys anymore.

football baby onesie leggings beanie
Via Etsy


3. Football-sized baby

Aren’t they sort of the size of a (fully inflated) football anyhow? May as well get them to dress the part.

football crochet hat
Via Etsy


4. May the best team win

Make sure they are accurately representing the right team.

Seattle Seahawks onesie
Via Etsy


5. If you need a backup

In case of emergency!

Seattle Seahawks love onesie
Via Etsy



6. Variety is OK, too

Some people may be rooting for the other team…

worlds smallest patriots fan
Via Etsy


7. Don’t fumble me, bro

I mean, as a point of reference in every day life, too.

dont fumble me onesie
Via Etsy


8. C/Huddle alert!

Because look at this face.

lets huddle football
Via Etsy


9. The Finale

While it may be coming to the end, football season is still here.

its football season baby outfit
Via Etsy


10. First but not last!

If your baby wasn’t around for the beginning of the season, they can still wear this to celebrate their first football season.

babys first football season
Via Etsy


11. Priorities

Because what if Daddy was first?

mommy daddy football love
Via Etsy


12. Accessorize

Do they have this in adult size?

football baby headband
Via Etsy


13. Accessorize x2

Stay warm and cute with these adorable football leg warmers!

football baby leg warmers
Via Etsy


14. For the messy

Football is everywhere. Even in the kitchen (especially helpful if your baby is eating massive amounts of guacamole like the rest of us).

football bib
Via Etsy


15. Football ALL DAY

If parents get koozies, babies should, too

football baby bottle koozie
Via Etsy

How is your family celebrating the Super Bowl? Share with us in the comments!

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