Great gifts for Mom

With Mother’s Day nearing, many of you are scrambling to figure out how to say thanks to the woman in their life who helped make their family what it is today. Here’s my guide to thoughtful yet practical gifts that will show you appreciate all her hard work year round:

  • Spa treatment: It can be a manicure, pedicure, or massage—whatever she chooses, a gift card can let her pick the treatment she likes and let her escape for a few hours and not worry about school drop-off, dinner, or baseball practice. Extra splurge: once you know what she’s booked, call and upgrade the service or have a note waiting for her on check-in telling her what a great mom she is.
  • A (real) personal day: Moms tend to use their free time to spend with their families or catch up at home or with errands. Giving the gift of a few free hours or an entire day to use as she pleases is priceless! Arrange to stay home with the kids or hire a babysitter, and whatever you do, don’t give her a to-do list!
  • Hire a housecleaner: A one-time professional housecleaning can be a dream for anyone, let alone a busy mom (especially if this task often falls to her). You can find someone reputable by word of mouth or via advertising in local papers or websites.
  • Homemade gifts from the kids: As cheesy as it may sound, homemade gifts make our mom-hearts melt. It can be as simple as a framed handprint or a card that they “write.” If you aren’t sure what to make, Pinterest has some great ideas. These gifts are so sweet because they are so thoughtful and preserve our children as they are right now.
  • A home-cooked meal: You can do breakfast in bed or whip up a gourmet dinner (bonus: both!). This includes not only making the meal but also the shopping, entertaining the kids in the meantime, and of course, clean-up. It doesn’t need to be complicated, so don’t feel pressure to be Martha Stewart. An edible meal that we don’t have to prepare is something we moms will take any day.
  • A thoughtful card: Sure, you can rely on Hallmark to say what’s on your mind, but what really makes this special is spelling out exactly why you think she is a great mom and why you are so thankful. We love taking care of our babies, but hearing “thank you” makes those long days and nights worth it.
  • A photobook or DVD with pictures from the past year: In this day and age we all snap so many photos of our kids and families, but how many of these do we actually print out? There are so many online photobook sites out there that make this project so quick and easy. The mom in your life will love having these memories to look back on. This gift guarantees major brownie points.
  • A night out: As much as Mother’s Day is about the kids, the best gift might be a date night or a girl’s night out. Arranging one will help her see that you know she is more than “just” a mom. And she will love getting the chance to eat a meal in peace and maybe even have time for dessert!
  • A splurge: If you know there is something she has been eyeing, whether it is a piece of jewelry or fancy espresso maker, now might be a nice time to splurge on her. Don’t feel bad if you don’t’ have the money to do this (see all our other great ideas!), but if you can she will definitely be excited to see a fancy present. If you choose to go this route, still be sure to let her know why you think she’s a great mom. That is priceless.

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About Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, Medical Director, Pregnancy

Dr. Jennifer Lincoln is a generalist obstetrician/gynecologist and attending physician at a tertiary-care hospital in northeastern Pennsylvania. She spends the majority of her time on labor and delivery, but manages to fit in some outpatient clinic and operating time.


  1. A personal day sounds AMAZING right about now! 🙂


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