I’m a doctor and a mom … here’s what worries me

I am a mom and a doctor…a doctor-mom. With that comes a bit of good fortune. I can test for strep throat at home in my PJs! I can also use my otoscope to check ears. So lucky, right? You might wonder, what worries keep doctor-moms up at night? If we can check throats and diagnose ear infections, do we worry at all? It’s a great question.


So here is my doctor-mom worry list, in order:


As a parent of a child with a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, I spend more time thinking about legumes than I’d like to. About the same amount of time that parents of children with food allergies think about their kids, I’d guess. My medical training, in theory, gives me an advantage in recognizing and treating a reaction, nevertheless anaphylaxis worries me every single day. Presently, I’m also struggling with whether or not to attempt Oral ImmunoTherapy. You can find me up at 4 AM working on this one.

I am a Sandy Hook generation parent. My oldest was in pre-K when I received a phone notification that something horrible had happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. It forever changed how I view school. I’ll never be able to think of school as being 100 percent safe for my kids. It’s a sad reality for me and many other parents. I also worry about the natural curiosity that children have regarding guns and if parents of playmates are honest when I ask if there are unsecured firearms in the house. Safe gun storage saves lives, but just because our home is safe doesn’t mean everyone exercises caution.

Self-confidence. I worry about raising children with either too much or too little self-confidence. Bolster my children’s self-confidence too much and I might be setting them up for disaster. My very tall little girl will not be an Olympic gymnast…will letting her know crush her spirit? Raising children who move through the world with enough self-confidence to be at peace with themselves and those around them is often on my mind.

Unexpected illness. I too, worry that my child’s cold will “turn” into something more serious just before a vacation. Or that they will miss the field trip tomorrow because they have a mild stomachache today. Just like you, I cannot predict my children’s health future. So I do my best, feeding them healthy food and making sure they get enough rest, getting flu shots, and washing hands. There are no secret doc tricks with this one.


The list goes on, but the important part is that doctor-moms are moms too, with typical mom worries. What are you  worrying about?


  1. Great post! Every single one of these are the same in my house. Please let me know if I Should do OIT too, since I can’t figure it out either 😉


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.