Awesome no-carve pumpkin ideas for your kids

Pumpkin carving has become pretty serious business. It’s not enough to hack a lopsided smile and two round(ish) eyes into a pumpkin and call it Halloween anymore.

Now people are getting out the power tools and stencils and creating gourds worthy of competitions (so of course there’s a new “sport” for extreme pumpkin carving). This is great if you’re a pumpkin artist, but it also means pumpkin carving has moved out of being a kid-friendly activity and straight into “dad territory,” or at least whoever in your house is better with a reciprocating saw.

So we scoured the Internet looking for pumpkin carving ideas that don’t involve blades, drills, or precision joints. Here are some of our favorite kid-friendly pumpkin designs. What’s your favorite? Share with us in the comments.

1. The minion.

Kids love minions, and minions love pumpkins. (Photo: Reddit)



2. It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown with a pumpkin head? Of course! (Photo: Reddit)

Someone made this for art class... - Imgur

3. Pumpkin mummy.

The cutest mummies are the kind with giant googly eyes. (Photo: Cool Mom Picks)


4. Crayon-drip pumpkins.

Got some old crayons and a hair dryer? Crayon-drip pumpkins are pretty awesome. (Photo: Indulgy)


5. The pumpkin flower ball.

Create a beautiful pumpkin flower ball with a bouquet or two of fall flowers and some holes in the pumpkin for stems. You can even put water inside the pumpkin! (Photo: Pro Flowers)

BHG flower pumpkins

6. The pumpkin carriage.

Cinderella never had it so good … As an added bonus, you can make the wheels from smaller gourds. (Photo: Project Mommie)


7. The giant pumpkin.

Can’t figure out what to do? Just get the biggest pumpkin you can find! (Photo: Grow It Seeds)


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  1. Great topic – you are right, small children and saws probably aren’t a great idea….Last year we had our son paint his pumpkins and put stickers on, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. Way less clean up and so easy I might even do it again this year!


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