Kids doing their mom’s makeup and all about that “baste:” the best in parenting this week

Busy making meal plans and grocery lists and worrying about whether your crazy Uncle Ed will behave at this year’s family Thanksgiving? Take a deep breath and have a few laughs. 1. ‘All About That Baste’ Parody

The creators of #XmasJammies present to you a Turkey Day parody you’ll still be singing long after next Thursday. I’m pretty sure every time I hear this Meghan Trainor hit on the radio, I’ll be screaming “I’m bringing butter baaaaaaaaaack!”


2. The awkward way kids make friends

“Convos With My 4-Year-Old” doesn’t disappoint this week. If you’ve ever had to make friends with a preschooler on behalf of your own child, this one’s for you.


3. Kids + paint = total disaster

These two boys had a blast and their dad is trying his best to keep a straight face.


4. It’s impossible to whistle!

As someone who struggles with a strong whistle, I can totally relate.


5. Alyssa Milano Wonders Why Breastfeeding Photos Are More Shocking Than Kim K Nudes

And we wonder if we could love Alyssa Milano any more this week… Nurse on, mama!


6. How could you…

So busted.


Via iFunny


7. Kids do their mom’s makeup

This is a regular occurrence in our house (the husband and dog aren’t even safe), so glad to see that other moms look as fab as I do.


8. A dad explores his disdain for Stay at Home Parents

Whether you can relate to his feelings of jealousy as a working parent, or are utterly disgusted by his comments, this is an interesting read (and listen).


9. Garth Brooks describes parenting

Yep, he pretty much covers it all in a breathless 30 seconds.


10. A ‘Normal Barbie’ has finally arrived

With the body of an average 19-year-old woman, the add-on pack will include cellulite, stretch marks and acne so she’ll be a product we can all relate to.


11. 5-year-old gives homeless kids care packages

Little Jayla couldn’t stand the thought of homeless families. So she did something about it! This inspiring story just might motivate you to make a difference in your own community.


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  1. I agree with #5. Alyssa makes a very good point.


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