Meet the Doctors: Eva Benmeleh Roditi

Posted By Jon VanZile, Content Director
March 7, 2016

With a doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University, Eva Benmeleh Roditi works in a private practice with parents and children 0-6 years old. Along with her work as a Bundoo Child Psychologist, Roditi enjoys spending time with her young children. Follow her on Twitter.

Why did you go into the field of child psychology? 

I believe whole-heartedly in “tikun olam” which means to repair the world and this is my way of helping others in need- helping parents gain a better perspective into their child’s mind while teaching their child to cope with life’s curveballs.

What are your favorite things to do with your children? 

I love being silly with them, dancing, most of all having zero agenda and letting them just be and letting the creativity of their imagination flow.

What/Who are your favorite accounts to follow on Twitter? 

I love following Mind in the Making, National Geographic, the New York Times and the New York Times Food.

What is your favorite quote about kids?

I have three!

“You’re gonna need more wipes.”

“Those who know they’re valued irrespective of their accomplishments often end up accomplishing quite a lot. It’s the experience of being accepted without conditions that helps people develop a healthy confidence in themselves, a belief that it’s safe to take risks and try new things.” — Alfie Kohn

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” — Peggy O’Mara

Why do you like working with Bundoo? 

I love being able to disseminate evidence-based information to parents who are looking to do right by their kids so as to raise great kids. It’s an incredible process to reach individuals across the country that, for other practical reasons, might never hear my voice and even more so to gain their feedback as to what works for them and their family.

What’s your favorite article or blog on Bundoo? 

I like How to praise your children.

Aside from your work with Bundoo, what else do you do?

I work in private practice with parents and children predominantly between the ages of 0-6 years.

Who or what inspired you to do what you do? 

My mother inspired me to focus on the parent-child relationship, although I didn’t realize that there was a field dedicated to the science of a healthy parent-child attachment and child development until I gained incredible supervision and practical experience in the Infant Mental Health Department at the Institute for Child and Family Health. My supervisor opened a world of theory and practice that resonated deeply with how I wanted to help children thrive.


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