How to get a baby to sleep in less than a minute and the value of stay-at-home moms: the best in parenting this week

If you can get your child to sleep on command, I salute you. But for the rest of the population, we’ve found a handy trick for you.

1. Your eyes are getting heavy…

Parents are fully aware of the sleep struggles babies have. But struggle no more! Watch how to put a baby to sleep in less than a minute. Please try at home and share your stories with us in the comments!


2. Work hard for the baby

More pregnant women are working full time longer in their pregnancies. But does it guarantee a job after maternity leave?


3. 7th time’s a charm

Mother of six boys has been waiting for a baby girl for a long time. She has the best reaction during her gender reveal party.


5. What a stay-at-home mom should make

“I mean that I quite literally cannot afford my wife to be staying at home.” One dad crunched the numbers to show just how much money moms should be making as they stay at home with their babies.


6. But wait. There’s more…

See what a mom actually does when she’s home and crunch the numbers for yourself. It may be more than you think.

what moms should make at home


7. What “adult time” looks like

Sometimes parents just need to be with each other and not in the presence of a child. But how do you tell your children that?


8. Dr. Apple

Pagers are a dated technology, so why are doctors still using them? One company hopes they ditch the pagers and start using Apple Watches. Should your child’s pediatrician get on board? Pre-orders start today.


9. How to be the best Uncle ever

Kid President is now an Uncle! So who better to teach him how to be the best Uncle ever than Steve Martin?


10. How times have changed

Remember staying out after dark? Getting your dad to give you a sip of beer? Parenting has changed since you were a kid. See what used to be perfectly acceptable but would probably get you a visit from child services now.


11. Beauty, explained

What better way to understand the definition of beauty than to ask a child? The best part may be the description of George Clooney.


12. She’s all mom!

Rachael Leigh Cook welcomes second child, son Theodore Vigo. Cook is now in the “2 under 2” club, as her daughter, Charlotte Easton, is 18 months old.


13. True pain

lego pain
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  1. #6 is great and so true! 🙂


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