Parenting merit badgets and babysuiting: the best in parenting this week

Lots of funny with sprinkles of serious in parenting this week. We have memes and aww-inducing videos, and then we have the vaccination debate and… Gwyneth.

1. Dad steals the ‘Let it Go’ show

Proves that “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” might be where it’s at.


2. 25 Pictures That Prove Grumpy Prince George Is The New Grumpy Cat

Move over Grumpy Cat… Prince George is the new grump in meme-town.



3. Saving the world

Sweet or hilarious? Either way it’s adorable!



4. Two-year-old’s adorable car wash reactions

Leave it to a toddler to remind us that some things we accept as normal are anything but.


5. Live-tweeting labor

A Twitter employee live-tweets her labor, focusing on the funny and not the medical.


6. Gwyneth Paltrow or average moms: who is really to blame here?

An interesting perspective on why Gwyneth’s comments about working moms really ruffled our feathers.


7. Bulldog baby gives real baby sugars

Yes, I am Southern and call “kisses” “sugars,” but the real point here is that this video scores big points in the awww department.


8. #Babysuiting

If you haven’t seen your friends posting pictures of baby suiting, you need to get new friends. (Kidding! But you should tell your friends to send you a pic of their baby wearing a giant man suit. I think it’s funny but our Associate Editor Dori says it’s creepy. Settle the debate for us in the comments.)


9. Chozen!

Passover starts Monday, and a cappella group Six13 used Frozen to create Chozen, this hilarious yet educational video on Passover.


10. Parents you’ll meet at the Easter Egg Hunt: prepare yourself

How can something so hilarious be, well, so true? It just is. Get ready to meet these parents at this weekend’s Easter Egg Hunt.


11. Parenting merit badges

Patting yourself on the back. Dusting your shoulders off. Chest bumping your partner. Those are soooo last year. Check out these Girl Scout-style merit badges for the newest way to celebrate how awesome you are (or for a laugh at least).



12. This is your brain on princess

Goldieblox put an 80s spin on this PSA-type message that promotes “girl power” in the real-powerful sense of the term. (It also promotes their toys.)


13. A second grade game turned military dad homecoming

A Florida second grader got a very public surprise from her dad.


14. Prom dad photobomb

Former Auburn head coach Gene Chizik photobombed his daughter’s prom date in the best (and probably most honest) way.


15. How Ben Affleck taught his son about his “bits”

Jennifer Garner was on Jimmy Fallon talking about what Ben Affleck is like as a dad. Turns out he’s pretty normal, but it gets funny around 4:45.


16. Paternity leave drama brings out the best in us

When sports broadcasters Boomer Esiason, Craig Carton and Mike Francesa got nasty over New York Mets player Daniel Murphy’s decision to take paternity leave, people stood up for dads. The controversy might have been a step forward as it’s shed light on paternity and maternity leave deficiencies in the US.


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  1. I LOVE the bulldog puppy kisses. This makes me want another….. PUPPY! My favorite is the prom photobomb. I can totally see my husband having the same attitude when my girls are older!


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