Thumbs up baby and the only parenting advice you need: the best in parenting this week

There are few things better than an infant giving a thumbs-up in his first photo shoot. Look out for the sweet shot, plus Chris Pratt tests his dinosaur knowledge against a kid pro. 

1. The only parenting advice you need

It’s practically a definite that you will get plenty of advice when you become a parent. But you can probably ignore most of it. Don’t ignore this.


2. Reclaiming parenting

Are we parenting too much? Too little? Does every piece of parenting need to have a title associated with it? Kim Brooks write a wonderful essay on the struggle to reclaim parenting.


3. Dinosaur battle with Chris Pratt

Everyone’s favorite Apparently Kid (ok clearly just my favorite) Noah Ritter took on Jurassic World star Chris Pratt in a battle of dinosaur smarts. What ensues, of course, is wonderful.


4. Another Chris doesn’t like it

Chris Evans spent some time with his 3-year-old nephew and it turns out they are basically the same person.


5. Babies ruin bodies?

“My body grew that. Not everybody has that privilege.” Read one mother’s quest to end the statement “babies ruin bodies.”


6. Timberbaby update

Justin Timberlake’s son is just a few days old but he’s already an Instagram star.


7. Yes another one

As one of four children, I am going to be totally protective of this family right here and say it: it’s their family they can do what they want. And they want to tell you about it. 



8. Pregnancy in pictures

One photographer documented growing families in the early morning hours by taking pictures of sleeping couples (and sometimes with other children). Some are touching, some are hilarious (looking at you, Star Wars sheets family).        



9. Breastfeeding on the toilet

Sometimes parenting isn’t easy or pretty. Sometimes your kid is hungry and they catch you at a very inopportune time.


10. Nailed it!

This 5-month-old totally nailed his first professional photo shoot.

thumbs up baby
Photo courtesy of Kim Loudon


11. Find me

Children are told to find their mothers in a long line of other mothers. The catch: they have to do it blindfolded. How successful are they?


12. Jacob’s journey

How do you handle your child when they feel they were born in the wrong body? Five-year-old Jacob was born a girl and is being raised a boy.


13. A perfect match

A girl born without feet just got a puppy without a paw and it’s beautiful.


14. Mad

Oprah featured kids talking about what it’s like to be mad and describe what “mad” feels like.

 15. Parenting comes in all forms

This lesbian couple took pregnancy photos side-by-side and show their adorable family that keeps growing.


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Dori Zinn is the Associate Editor at Bundoo and is Noah Ritter’s biggest fan.


  1. My favorite: “He’s 5 lbs. He has his own room…I don’t have my own room.” Bwahahaha! Literally LOL’d. 🙂 Good week in online parenting goodies! 🙂 and then tears…and then “You’re going to be great…hopefully!” Love it.


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