Kimmel’s greatest guest and dads in hair bows: the best in parenting this week

In case you were wondering… Our toddlers totally judge us by what we cook for dinner and baby cheeks are good for more than just a little squeeze.

1. Baby cheeks are for more than just pinching

Cheyenne Moore’s Vine proves baby cheeks are just the cutest.


2. If you wouldn’t say it about a boob job…

Adoptive parent Jesse Butterworth put out an awesome PSA to teach people what to say and what NOT to say to adoptive parents. Educate yourself with a laugh.


3. What baby wants, baby gets

Because when your daughter asks you to do something silly, you just do it.



4. 19 things you should never say to your partner when she’s pregnant

If you’re pregnant, go ahead and pass this list to your partner so nobody gets hurt.


5. Mom steals a play out of Mike Tyson’s playbook

If a pit bull attacked your toddler, would you be able to bite its ear off to save your child? That’s exactly what this hero mom did.


6. Starting the day vs. ending it

Can I get an amen on this one!? I’m convinced it’s bedtime that does it to us.



7. Babies are the worst roommates

Comedian Jim Gaffigan shares his hilarious thoughts on what strangers to say to him when he’s out with five kids and breastfeeding babies on The Tonight Show.


8. Mom wins 4-year battle with TSA over breast milk

Stacey Armato’s win is a win for nursing moms everywhere. Her 2010 refusal to allow her breastmilk to be x-rayed resulted in a lawsuit and now the TSA’s clarification of policies for breastfeeding moms.


9. A Toddler’s Dinner Translator

Honest Toddler gives us insight into what our kids think about our dinner choices.



10. Dad or daughter: who loves Frozen more?

Whose idea was it to make this video, anyway?


11. Jimmy Kimmel’s Coolest Guest Ever

I got sucked into the world of Arden Hayes this week, a child genius and frequent guest on Jimmy Kimmel live. He’s smarter than Justin Bieber, and is probably smarter than me, too…



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  1. Good week! Love Gaffigan and Honest Toddler…boob job dad is hilarious too! Great editing on his part!

    1. Thought so, too. That dad could have a career in funny/somewhat educational videos on adoptive parenting.

  2. I look forward to this list every week! “If you wouldn’t say it about a boob job…” just made my day! I have to share this! Fortunately, my husband never said any of the 19 things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant lady!

    1. SO glad you like the weekly roundup! It might be the highlight of my week, too. 😉


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.