Clap your hands in the womb and how to scare your kids straight: the best in parenting this week

What else do kids do in utero? Watch as one baby reacts to a game during an ultrasound, plus see which celebrity put his son to work to earn his own money.

1. If you’re happy and you know it

If you thought your baby isn’t having the time of their life in the womb, think again! This little one is clapping to their parents’ singalong, and it’s absolutely perfect.


2. Postpartum goodies

Do you know a new mom or one that is about to give birth? She may not say anything out loud, but chances are she would enjoy some of these awesome gifts. Chores and meals definitely make the list!


3. It’s just you

My mother told me when I was a teenager that she hopes when I have children, I have a daughter exactly like me. Thanks for scaring me, mom.

stop being me


4. Scared straight

If your kids are prone to temper tantrums, just take a note from the book of mama Helbig.


5. Noseless newborn

Eli, a 4-week-old from Alabama, was born without a nose. While fine, he’ll have to wait to pass puberty before his nasal passageways can be built.

baby born without nose
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6. Avoid the shopping nightmare

You’d be hard-pressed to find a parent that hasn’t experienced a full meltdown from their child while shopping. Not anymore! Here’s a super handy list to ensure your child stays busy and you can get some legit work done while out with a little one.


7. Celebs hook up their kids, too

Elizabeth Banks visited The Tonight Show where she and Jimmy Fallon decided their kids were going to marry each other. Isn’t that basically the best future couple ever?


8. Olivia Wilde: I’m a mother, and I look like one

Babies change you, both inside and out. Actress Olivia Wilde gets candid in this Shape interview where she talks about the pressure to get back to her pre-baby body and how if she had it her way, she’d spend the day playing games with her son.


9. David Beckham’s kids work hard for the money, too

Sure, celebrities have money. So how do they teach their children about the value of a dollar? By putting them to work! Beckham’s oldest son, Brooklyn, works on the weekends!


10. Teacher mom

We’ve all done it.

is your teacher your mom


11. Michael Bublé busts a move with 19-month-old son

Because who doesn’t want to just have a dance party?

Argentina dance party !!!!!!!! #Rave #home #vacation #hotdog #imwiththedj #video

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