Dad’s maternity photos and why it’s important to love yourself: the best in parenting this week

To the things that made me laugh this week and to the parents (and one teen!) who inspired me. This week’s so good that next week is sure to be a let-down. (Kidding… come back next Friday, won’t you?) 

1. Best “maternity” photos ever

What’s a dad-to-be to do when his wife doesn’t want maternity photos? Take his own. These might be the best maternity photos I’ve ever seen. (I’m partial to the one where he’s peeking behind the door!)

man pregnancy photo shoot
via imgur


2. A sister that really doesn’t want her brother to grow up

What’s so bad about your brother’s birthday? According to five-year-old Sadie, it’s not the presents that aren’t for you but the fact that your brother is growing up.


3. Why it’s even more important to love yourself when you’re a parent

Kristen from Mommy in Sports sheds some light on spreading positive self-image to our kids. A hint? It starts with being able to say aloud, on a whim, what you love about yourself.


4. Batkid gets a documentary

Remember Batkid, the little boy with Leukemia whose dream of becoming Batman came true? Well his story is getting a documentary that’s sure to move us all to tears. Here’s the trailer, as released at Comic-Con.


5. Mother of five vs. mean people at the beach

When three young people pointed, laughed at, and pretended to kick a 33-year-old mama of five at the beach, she struck back with this viral Facebook letter to her taunters. Cheers to you, Mom! You’re my hero this week. Confident mama: 1. Mean people at the beach: 0.


6. That day is not today

Whether you let your child choose their own clothes (oh, honey… that’s cute…) or you don’t (but we’re going to mommy’s old college friend’s wedding, can’t you wear the dress I bought you?), this is pretty funny.

get dressed yourself


7. Teen invents a way to prevent hot car deaths

We’ve covered Forgotten Baby Syndrome here at Bundoo, and it seems like there are cases popping up in the media daily. This teen’s new invention could be the end to all of those cases that do involve well-meaning caregivers.


8. Why water parks are like bars

You’ll never look at water parks the same way again. (But hey, at least you can relive your college years in a family-friendly way!)


9. Lands’ End responds to mom’s complaint

When a mom complained on her daughter’s behalf about the difference in Lands’ End science shirts for girls and boys, the company responded by quickly manufacturing realistic science shirts for girls. Kudos, mama, for speaking up. Wouldn’t it be great if other stores learned from this, too?


10. A poem for new mothers

For all the new moms and dads out there, here’s an “Amen!”


11. 21 things only breastfeeding moms know

Replace “book” with “remote control” in #10 and you get a huge “mmm hmmm” from me!


12. 46 Mommas shave their heads for cancer

To represent the 46 moms whose children get diagnosed with cancer each weekday, these moms shaved their heads to raise money for cancer research. Truly amazing.


13. Third child eats dirt

Could be true, but it’s not because we love our third children any less.

child eats dirt


14. A pediatrician who makes a baby laugh while getting shots

This just has to be a superpower.


15. 26 pregnancy announcement photos that must be stopped

If your week was really rough, here’s a distraction. Did you laugh, say “Ew”, say “Huh?” or nod in approval? I’d love to hear in the comments.


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  1. That is one amazing pediatrician in #14! What a great way to distract the child from the pain!

    1. Impressive, right!? He’s definitely in the right profession.

    2. Why can’t all pediatrician’s by like this one?!! This would have made office visits so much easier!

  2. LOVE the story from Lands End! And the little girl crying bc of her brother – wow! so sweet. But the doctor giving shots takes the cake….my 5 year old has watched it 3 times! Thanks for including mommy in SPORTS!

    1. Happy to include you! Your post was so moving and a great reminder of how everything really is contagious in parenting… even self-love. 🙂


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.