The funniest remote control-loving baby and the best in parenting this week

From parents who go to extremes to support their child’s entrepreneurial spirit to friends who babysit with the best sense of humor, we’re dedicating this week’s amusement to those of you whose kids still haven’t started school.

1. Babysitting friends send hilarious hourly updates to baby’s parents

Leaving your baby overnight is tough. To add humor to the situation, these babysitting friends sent Photoshopped images of what they were doing to baby’s parents.


2. Woot for little entrepreneurs!

What’s cooler than a cookie company? One run by a nine-year-old, and a stylish one at that.


3. Moms who do it all

A good perspective on supermoms.



4. Remote control-loving baby

Forget screen time. This baby loves the remote control!


5. No band? No problem.

When this Redditor’s daughter couldn’t corral friends to make a music video, he got creative with video production, giving a new meaning to “one man band.”


6. Back-to-school mama raps

Tonette Mouton got revenge when her sons wouldn’t let her take back-to-school photos by posting this back-to-school rap on Facebook.

Deva Dalporto from My Lifesuckers produced a rap that explains exactly why we’re looking forward to sending the kids off to school.


7. Frozen marriage proposal

Who loves Frozen more than your toddler? This couple, whose Frozen themed proposal is pretty impressive.


8. When books come to life

This baby wasn’t sure what to think about hearing a lion’s roar in his board book.


9. Kids try Warheads for the first time

Remember the first time you had a Warhead? My brother and I used to torture ourselves by eating them until our tongues were raw! Watching these kids try Warheads for the first time brings back a mouth-watering nostalgia.


10. Toddler’s best friend

This toddler adores her bull terrier. Looks like the feeling is mutual!


11. What you don’t know about that wild, unruly child

A moving reminder that sometimes those kids we’re judging are fighting their own battles (and so are their parents).


12. #LikeABoy

The #LikeAGirl campaign has met its match in the #LikeABoy campaign, which proves that boys aren’t limited by gender stereotypes either.


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  1. Those babysitter photos are just plain awesome! And I hadn’t heard of the #likeaboy campaign, how wonderful to spread that message.

    1. I thought so, too! Love both of these campaigns.


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