What romantic anniversaries look like when you have kids and the best in parenting this week

This week brings us an excuse to reminisce on all the times you jammed to “Baby Got Back,” an adorable baby vs. puppy debate, and commiserating both pregnancy and back-to-school car lines.

1. Baby got class

From the creators of #XmasJammies comes this hilarious video about back to school to the throwback tune of “Baby Got Back.” Watch if you’re “ready to get the fiction on.”


2. Babe vs. pooch debate

Baby Zoe and her pup just aren’t getting along.



3. 13 things that cost as much as having a kid

Need a cheeky reminder about how expensive parenting is? (As if our bank accounts weren’t proof…)



4. Things kids do that are unacceptable for adults

If you think booger-wiping and fussing about the wrong color cups is ridiculous when your child does it, imagine what it looks like coming from an adult.


5. Would you do the #IceBucketChallenge during pregnancy?

Zoe Saldana wouldn’t so her husband accepted the challenge on her behalf, but Hayden Panettiere was up for it. Would you do it during pregnancy? Share in the comments.


6. What romantic anniversaries look like after kids

This couple tried to capture the moment for their 10th wedding anniversary, and boy did they.

wedding anniversary when you have kids reddit


7. Car line hell

If you’re struggling with wait times and would rather do anything than sit in the car line, you’re not alone.


8. What pregnancy really feels like, as told by cats

The realities of pregnancy told in images of cats is pretty hilarious (warning: obscenities galore).


9. Coach gives little leaguers a speech to remember

With horror stories of coaches who put insane pressure on young kids to win at all costs in the news too often, this coach inspires his team with a speech that surely made these parents proud.


10. What kids’ drawings say about their intelligence

We all think our kids are geniuses, but what if you could really tell by looking at the way they draw a person? This study is fascinating.


11. A 9-month Vine

It takes six seconds to make a short video for Vine. But this guy spent nine months building his six seconds.



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  1. Oh- that video of what kids do is priceless! Thanks for sharing my post, so kind of you!

    1. My pleasure! Good content deserves to be shared.


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