Ugly Christmas sweater dads and a breastfeeding parody: the best in parenting this week

It’s all about ugly Christmas sweaters this week, and I’m okay with that.

1. “All About That Breast” [“All About That Bass” Parody]
Breastfeeding? This hilarious parody may make your late-night nursing sessions a little more bearable.


2. Dads Dancing in Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Don’t be fooled by the sweaters. These dads are working it.


3. Kristen & Dax: Home for the Holidays
This might be an ad for Samsung, but it’s adorable and could bring matching Christmas sweaters back (along with those dancing dads).


4. A Reminder About Christmas
Going crazy on the gifts for your little ones? This funny video might make you reconsider.


5. Dad and His Mini-Me Embrace “Shake It Off”
A dad and his fifteen-year-old son were jamming to Guns ’n’ Roses when Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” started playing. They thought about turning it, but decided to embrace it instead.


6. 5 Ways to Off Elf on the Shelf
You thought you’d love Elf on the Shelf but now he’s driving you insane? Bundoo blogger Kristen Hewitt shares some hilarious (and one controversial) ways to say good-bye.


7. Childcare Expenses Around the Country
Wondering how your monthly childcare fees compare? Check out this map.


8. Toddler’s Got Moves…Seriously
This boy might have that highly debated thing they call “natural talent.” Make sure you watch around 1:20 to see his skills get “intense.”


9. Eva Mendes Talks Motherhood
I know ladies everywhere were crying when the news broke that Eva was having Ryan Gosling’s baby, but dry your tears. Here’s one celeb postpartum weight loss tip that actually won’t cause your eyes to roll back in your head.


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  1. This could be the best Friday blog EVER! The breast song had me in stitches and then the dancing Christmas sweaters?! Fab! Sharing this everywhere!


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.