Oldest child syndrome begins and welcome our Bundoo baby: the best in parenting this week

This week we welcome a new Bundoo baby to the family while another family is trying to contain the emotions of a now older sister. Plus the love explosion is real! See how we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day.

1. Hey baby!

This week Bundoo welcomed the newest member to our family as our COO Stephanie gave birth to a baby girl. We are so thrilled the office made bets on time of delivery and weight. THAT is how much we love babies!

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2. Ugh. Siblings.

In honor of Stephanie welcoming her newest child, I’m dedicating this video to her oldest child. I totally know what it’s like to be devastated by having to share the spotlight.



3. Valentine’s Day, with and without kids

We are in love-overload this week! We’ve got how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your little ones, how to stay romantic (and awake) with your partner, and the honest reality of this holiday as parents. How are you celebrating this weekend? Tell us in the comments!      


4. Cute valentines from kids

Kids are just so descriptive with their feelings! My favorite: “Mom and Dad you are lucky you are alive.”        


5. Breakfast from around the world

Want to know how something tastes? Give it to a kid to eat. These faces express everything that is right with kids. “These taste like french fries. And french fries are good.”



6. Dinosaurs and princesses

Why should little girls have to choose between pink frills and math equations? Luckily, these parents are fixing that by putting girls in dresses of the periodic table and dinosaurs.      


7. #MakeItHappy

I sort of love Kid President and if you finish this video and you aren’t smiling, just watch again. It’s bound to come out. Also, spread the love with the #MakeItHappy hashtag.



8. Models for breastfeeding

Dutch Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes graces the latest Dutch edition of Vogue with her family and included this lovely photo of her nursing her youngest child. Dutch laws are very supportive of breastfeeding mothers.  

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9. Congrats, Liv!

I guess Stephanie and Liv can have play dates soon? Liv Tyler and boyfriend David Gardner welcomed a healthy baby boy on Wednesday.


10. Toddlers in charge

What happens when toddlers are making all the decisions for what their parents should wear? This mom let her kid dress her for a week. Here’s what happened.


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About Dori Zinn, Bundoo Associate Editor

Dori Zinn is the Associate Editor of Bundoo and knows exactly how it feels when siblings enter the world.


  1. Thanks for all the love! We’re feeling so blessed this week, and grateful our older daughter didn’t react like this toddler in #2! 😉


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