Noah Ritter goes to Hawaii and why moms can’t get anything done: the best in parenting this week

There are few things I enjoy more than Noah Ritter, so I’m glad Ellen brought him back for another awesome quote-worthy appearance. Plus celebs gush about their new babies and evidence that moms can’t get anything done.

1. Noah in Hawaii!

We love Noah, formerly the Apparently Kid. He took a trip to Hawaii, and Ellen got it all on film. Which is EPIC (according to Noah).

Noah Ritter goes to Hawaii


2. Mila’s daughter already loves football

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s daughter watches football every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Mila, who admits she never watched football before she started dating Ashton, says her daughter was in a different Chicago Bears outfit during every NFL game this season.


3. What. A. Cocktail.

Kristen Bell steps out for the first time since the birth of her new baby daughter, Delta. Watch her talk about sleep, baby talk, and how much she loved the drugs she got during labor (which is vastly different from her husband’s recount).


4. Kristen Bell: Get vaccinated

If you want to hang out with Kristen Bell’s family, you better be up-to-date on all your shots.


5. What moms actually do at home

If you thought all moms do is watch Ellen and play Candy Crush, think again! This awesome video shows what it’s really like with a little one around.


6. When should kids be left alone? 

Is it the “free-range” vs. the helicopter parents? There was a time when kids could walk to and from school without as much as a worry, so why can’t they do that today? Some parents think they can, and they’re getting severe backlash for it. The rise of free-range parenting.


7. President Kid

How many 5-year-olds do you know that can rattle off all of the U.S. Presidents, their wives, their Vice Presidents, and even fun facts about each? I feel like Macey Hensley and Noah Ritter should meet. Make it happen, Ellen.


8. Hey Fanny!

Jimmy Fallon recently showed off his infant daughter, and there isn’t an “aww” I haven’t heard yet. How adorable is she?!


9. Toddler To-Do’s

Yes, even the little ones need to cross something off. This list is hilarious.


10. Keira misses the booze

Keira Knightley is pregnant and doesn’t she know it! Watch her talk about how she wants a cocktail and whether she can handle the idea of having a boy.


11. Pig and Pearl

Find me something more adorable than this tea cup pig and this adorable baby, Pearl!


12. Our kids, online

You can’t help but show off your little one, but how much does it affect your children? One mom has a dilemma.


13. Bathing your baby!

We don’t have a baby bathing preference, but if you put a baby in a tub and they are this cute, I’m bound to watch. And now I want some Johnson’s baby shampoo.

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