Burrito babies and #Brelfies: the best in parenting this week

Oscar moms and burrito babies are basically my everything this week. How are you celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday? 

1. Mommy goes to the Oscars

I may or may not have been the only one who watched the Oscars simply to see the baby bumps and the new mamas (Although Lady Gaga nailed the Sound of Music tribute, but that’s for another day).

There were a few noteworthy stars, but my favorite bump may very well be Sophie Hunter (below, who is carrying the Cumberbaby) and Keira Knightley.

Sophie Hunter Benedict Cumberbatch Oscars baby bump
Photo courtesy of Tom and Lorenzo

Other highlights include how amazing Zoe Saldana looked after giving birth to twin boys in November, plus Christina Aguilera six months after giving birth to a baby girl.


2. Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day!

Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2. What better way to celebrate than with some Seuss-inspired treats and fun? Fun fact: did you know Dr. Seuss created the word “nerd?”


3. Burrito Baby

Amazing Etsy designer AwesomeSauceDesigns makes swaddle blankets that make your infant look like a burrito and it’s basically everything I’ve ever wanted. BuzzFeed has even more great pics.

Burrito baby swaddle blanket
Photo courtesy of Etsy


4. Unjoined

What takes 26 hours and a team of professionals equal to an NFL football squad? A surgery to separate these conjoined twins.


5. #Brelfies

The good news is that breastfeeding in public is a right, not a privilege. The bad news is it’s still getting a lot of negative attention. This is where #Brelfies come in.


6. The two types of moms

It’s clean freaks vs. mess embracers.


7. En caul

During a normal birth, a woman’s “water” breaks and then she proceeds to give birth. That water, the amniotic fluid that covers the baby in the womb, is vital to a baby’s survival. But what if a baby is born inside of the amniotic sac? That’s what happened to this LA baby.


8. The Oldest Babies Ever

There is never a shortage of comparisons between new lives and very old ones. BuzzFeed has a great list of babies that look way older than they should.


9. Pre-Baby Food Hacks

You’ve gone to every class, read every book, bought every onesie in sight, and you’re totally prepared for this kid. But you may have totally forgotten about yourself there, buddy. Here’s how to prepare months worth of meals for those times you just literally cannot.


10. No Favorites!

Chances are if you have more than one kid, you have a favorite. And chances are they know it. But here’s why you should stop.


11. I love you, too

Sometimes mom and dad aren’t together forever, but when mom finds someone who loves her as much as Brian loves Whitney, you have hope for the future. See Brian’s vows to Whitney’s daughter, Brielle. See how it started to make the rounds this week.


12. Saved by the baby!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar put up a pic of his newborn baby daughter on Instagram and the only thing that could’ve make it better was if Kelly Kapowski was holding her.

A photo posted by @mpgosselaar on

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  1. #6 is great and so true!!! Hilarious video!

  2. Zack Morris’ baby is just adorbs! I just want to squeeze her sweet little cheeks!


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