Paper dresses and crosswalk deliveries: the best in parenting this week

Kids took over the entire internet this week! One mom created an entire video parody from Frozen’s hit Let It Go, one preschooler makes designer dresses out of paper, and Beau and Theo are back in Vine form! See the best in parenting this week and share your favorites in the comments.

1. The 2014 VS swim catalog: a mom’s buying guide

There’s nothing like a Victoria’s Secret catalog to remind us just how much motherhood has changed our bodies and our perspective. [Warning: mild language used to make you laugh even harder here. Double warning: some mamas aren’t playing nice in the comments, so skip those.]


2. Let it Go

Can’t get this song from Frozen out of your head? Neither could this mama, who created a funny mom parody for “Let It Go.”


3. The last one

How do you feel when you can’t say “I’ll save that for the next baby” because there is no next baby? This blogger nails that nagging feeling of sadness that comes with knowing you’re done having kids.


4. 4-Year-Old And Her Mom Make Amazing Paper Versions Of Celeb Dresses

If you thought you and your kid were crafty, wait until you see these paper dresses made by a preschooler and her mom. Unbelievable! Photo via 2sisters_angie.



5. Are you ready to be a parent?

A one-question test to decide.



6. Our favorite napping duo are on Vine

Because pictures of Beau and Theo napping just weren’t enough, we present to you these adorable vines.


7. How One Father Moved From Reluctance to Love

Although this photographer didn’t connect with his daughter LouLou at first, his photographs show the transition from “reluctance” to love. Whether you fell in love with your baby at first sight or struggled to adjust to parenthood, his story is just as moving as the photographs.


8. NYC mom gives birth in the street… and then names baby after rescuer

A NYC mom couldn’t catch a cab in time to make it to the hospital and ended up delivering her baby on a Manhattan crosswalk. The mom named her baby after the good samaritan who jumped in to help.


9. 23 Reasons Why Kids Are The Meanest People In The World

I wouldn’t use the word “mean,” but “hilarious” definitely fits these examples of how kids really do say the funniest things.



10. Toymaker imagination

How do people come up with this stuff?



11. Baby acting crazy? Chalk it up to “JBBB.”

You’ll drive yourself crazy if you try to explain every mood swing or bizarre baby behavior, which is why I think this blogger is onto something with her “JBBB” explanation. Try it out and watch your blood pressure and sanity revert to pre-parent normalcy.

– My baby screams when I won’t let him pull my hair! “Oh well. Just Babies Being Babies.”

– Why is baby SO upset because the pink plate is dirty and she has to eat from the green plate? “ Don’t worry about it. Just Babies Being Babies.”


12. Jimmy Kimmel actually does something NOT to make kids cry

He might be famous for his parenting pranks, but Kimmel has redeemed himself with this #SuitOfTheLoom campaign to help Max, a 7-year-old battling brain cancer. Here’s how the whole thing started.


13. Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen stir the pot of circumcision controversy

American Pie and Orange is the New Black star Jason Biggs and his wife shared photos on Instagram of their son’s circumcision ceremony, but parents didn’t like the light tone they took. What do you think?


14. Mom gets married during labor

Talk about a push present! This dad couldn’t wait to marry his fiancée, so he arranged an impromptu wedding during her labor, just thirty minutes before she gave birth to their daughter.


15. How a one-year-old perceives everyday household items

So true! [Credit]




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  1. How neat as well to want to get her a new coat. …….. Strange but cool! !

    1. I agree that having a baby because you couldn’t get a cab is pitiful… but the silver lining is that there were so many people around to help. The woman who did step up to help is an angel. Most people walked by (and from what I saw on Twitter sent tweets), marveling at how crazy it was but not thinking to stop to help. You’re right about it being a neat birth story, though!

  2. Hahaha! I love the interwebs this week! Not a whole lot of tears, although I did fight back a few with the last child post and the photog dad.

    1. I did, too! His honesty and description of the transformation of feelings was very powerful.


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