Creating an athlete from birth and Will Ferrell’s Frozen: the best in parenting this week

If you’ve been hiding far, far away from the measles outbreak, good for you! Cheer up with some of the best parenting news from this week.

1. The many ways of measles

Parents across the country have a right to be freaked out about measles. It’s easily spread, and parents who don’t vaccinate their children are putting everyone at risk. One doctor who vaccinated her son details how he was diagnosed with measles in a recent outbreak. While we can’t cure measles, you can subscribe to the Bundoo newsletter to get the most up-to-date information on measles, vaccines, and everything else regarding your child’s health.


2. #LikeAGirl

Super Bowl ads were especially parent-focused this year, but the #LikeAGirl campaign from Always gave me a melted heart. Probably my favorite ad from this year!


3. Welcome, Wyatt

New mom Mila Kunis cannot stop gushing about her new baby girl, Wyatt Isabelle. See how her baby skipped the newborn phase and why they don’t have a nanny.


4. Drunk in Frozen Love

You may have already seen Will Ferrell’s “Drunk in Love” lip sync on Jimmy Fallon, but did you see his “Let it Go” rendition? Take some notes. (It starts at the 6:25 mark).


5. Pumping problems

From supply closets to bathroom stalls, many new moms who must return to work don’t get understanding employers. Many horror stories result in women staying home more. But what can they do? See the questions they should ask while interviewing, and don’t be scared to speak up.


6. How to conceive an athlete

Turns out it’s all about timing.


7. Timberbaby Watch

There’s a baby in there! Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel are most definitely expecting a baby, according to his Facebook page.


8. Don’t pass the salt

Toddlers are getting too much salt and sugar in roughly 7 out of every 10 meals. Need some help? Start with the top superfoods for kids.


9. Working dads have it all

While moms are struggling to return to work, it turns out dads don’t have the same problems.


10. Master unwrapper

unwrap a candy bar without making noise best parenting tip


11. The best way to eat Nutella

There’s absolutely no question that this little girl’s choice of how and where to eat Nutella has us all nodding our heads in agreement. You go girl.



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