Babies napping with puppies and new Grumpy Cat—the best in parenting this week

New Grumpy Cat, babies and puppies napping (oh aren’t they sweet when they’re sleeping!) and reminders of what’s awesome about parenting. It’s a good week to be surfing the Internet.

1. We can’t be friends

When you become a parent, friendships change. Some get stronger, some sadly don’t survive. This post captured the confusion and truth to what every new mom needs from her friends— the ones with kids and the ones without.

2. Grumpy cat isn’t feeling Frozen

If you can’t get this song out of your head, you might just side with Grumpy Cat.



3. Toddler napping with puppy… still adorable!

If you’ve never seen Beau and his dog Theo or you just haven’t seen pictures of them recently, it’s just as cute as ever.



4. Days of the week sock fail

Just when you thought days of the week clothing is lame.



5. Are you wishing away what someone else is missing?

Parenting wee ones is exhausting. It’s easy to get so caught up in the hustle that you forget how special these years really are. Read this post for a sweet reminder on why we don’t really want time to pass by any faster.

6. Starry nights ahead for this babe

Creative Dad of the Year award goes to this guy, who built a pretty awesome star ceiling for his unborn son. We’ve collectively decided here at Bundoo that we want one for the office.

7. 26 reasons the life of a toddler is the only one worth living

Ever look at your kid and think, “Man, what a cushy life.” This hilarious post proves why you’re right. It’s too bad we can’t remember our toddler years.

8. Woman asked to leave a courtroom for breastfeeding

It’s legal to breastfeed in public, right? This Alabama mom was asked to leave a courtroom for nursing her infant. Read the story and sound off here.

9. Moms at bedtime

Amen, mama.



10. Woman’s memory lives on after death thanks to a surrogate mom

Mascara alert: this post will make you feel sad and warm & fuzzy at the same time.

11. Facebook lookback: did we even have a life before kids?

You saw a million lookback videos in your Facebook newsfeed. You clicked the link, so excited to see your life in a flash… and you realized you didn’t even exist before kids! Maybe Facebook’s algorithm knows having a baby trumps all other life milestones, or maybe they’re sending us a secret message to stop talking about our kids so much! Did anyone else wonder why the pre-kid years weren’t in their lookback video?

12. The Lego Movie

I haven’t seen it yet, but if parents on the interwebs are any judge, it’s pretty good. It is rated PG, so you may want to check out the reviews if you’re planning a toddler movie date.




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Stephanie Winans is the Vice President of Operations here at Bundoo. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hanging out with her husband and 4-year-old daughter, reading like it’s going out of style, or obsessing over recipes and shoes on Pinterest.


  1. I agree about the FB Lookback videos this week…my only pre-kid moments were my first moments from when I joined in 2006! My wedding didn’t even make the cut! But I loved seeing all the little squishy faces again all over my newsfeed! 🙂

    1. Apparently you can now edit your own Lookback! I just got a notification from Facebook. They must have heard mamas complaining. 🙂


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.