Great dads exist and mom photobombs: the best parenting moments on the internet this week

Freezing cold weather (except for us at Bundoo—South Florida was in the 60s), creepy mom commercials, pop culture parodies, and parenting memes. Check out what was hot this week.

1. Man-Pram

For the new dad who’s worried that diaper bags don’t scream masculinity, I present to you this stroller. Our Facebook fans demanded to know where to get one, and it turns out it’s a real product made by the UK company Skoda.


2. What Does The Kid Say?

Do your kids yell “Mommyyyy” 500 TIMES A DAY? Watch this parenting parody of Ylvis’ “What Does the Fox Say.” Personal highlight: “Wipe-wipe-wipe-wipe-my-butt.”

3. Old Spice mom song

Funny or creepy? I can’t decide, but it doesn’t matter because it’s both and it’s hilarious.

4. We’ll Never Be Rested: what if parents rewrote the lyrics to ‘Royals’?

Whether you’re over the original song or not, this cover is so relatable you just might find yourself singing along in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping.

5. Great dads exist. When can we stop being shocked?

When this dad posted a picture of himself getting his daughter ready for school, he had no idea it was going to gain so much attention. Take a moment and high-five all the good dads in your life (holler to my husband!). Then start treating them like all the good moms you know. Good dads are no longer an anomaly and shouldn’t be treated that way.

6. Photobomb: mom style

I’m not sure why this is so funny, but it just is.

mom photobomb

7. Dad’s hilarious answer to daughter’s daycare questionnaire

How do you evaluate an 11-month-old’s personality traits and goals in life? Like a boss, that’s how. Check out how this dad tackled a somewhat ridiculous survey infant survey (that was probably meant for the daycare’s older kids).

8. They smell like flowers

Wasn’t sure if I should share this one because it’s GROSS. But parenting is pretty gross and I laughed, so here we are.

smell like flowers

9. Please, your majesty

My daughter toggles between asking please and yelling, “Mom! Meatloaf” like that scene from Stepbrothers. I need a parenting lesson from this girl’s parents.

your majesty

10. Polar vortex means snowed-in kids

Some time spent snuggling with our kids and thankful for an excuse to stay home, and maybe some time spent wishing they were at school?

polar vortex


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  1. I think I just about died over the “What does the kid say?” video! I know I woke up my husband, and I tried very hard to hold the snorts back for fear of waking the baby! My face hurts from laughing!

    1. Glad you got a good laugh out of it! I thought it was pretty funny, too.

  2. All I can say is HaHaHaHaHa!


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