Cumberbaby watch and Dax Shepard’s microbaby: the best in parenting this week

As Chief Operating Officer Stephanie Winans prepares for the arrival of her baby, she has decided to hand the ranks off to me, your substitute parenting memes teacher. With mentions of Benedict Cumberbatch and watching Dax Shepard explain his wife’s C-section nightmare, I hope I’m making Stephanie proud this week.

1. Hey girl!

Or boy? So far we know there will be a child for New Girl star and most adorable woman ever Zooey Deschanel. Early predictions here are twin boys. Adorable sidenote: Zooey’s sister and Bones star Emily is also pregnant!

2. Dear Father Who Shook His Baby

Last week, Bundoo Pediatrician Dr. Kristie Rivers wrote this letter that got massive attention on Huffington Post. One reader was so moved he shared this video with us. Warning: some parts of this video may be graphic, so please take caution when watching. For more information on how to help Rockell, visit Hope 4 Rockell.

3. Going to the chapel—to breastfeed!

This week, Pope Francis welcomed mothers of newly-baptized children to breastfeed their infants. Great news to all mothers who should be reminded that breastfeeding your child in public is your right.


4. Microbaby

Dax Shepard visited Ellen to talk about his new little girl, Delta, with wife Kristen Bell. Contain your laughter long enough to listen to him talk about the new bonding between his two daughters. Sharing is NOT caring. Not always!

5. When one is enough

Only you know when your family is complete, but what if that number stops at three? Wendy Thomas Russell makes the case that only having one child was enough for her and her husband.

6. Cumberbaby Watch

Didn’t get a chance to watch the Golden Globes on Sunday? Maybe you missed Benedict Cumberbatch and fiancé Sophie Hunter and this adorable baby bump. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Cumberbatch baby Benedict Sophie Hunter
Photo c/o Daily Mail

7. Toddlers as fairy tale greats, cuteness level very high

One of the perks about being a mom is getting to play dress-up with your wee little one. BuzzFeed got the lo-down on how these two cousins transformed into some awesome characters, including Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.


8. Get it, girl!

Who says there’s no time for working out? This mom just gets her kids involved in her routine.

9. Organize without freaking out

Tired of looking in on your child in their room, only to discover you’re in your own personal game of Where’s Waldo? You can lessen the mess and they can still have fun! Apartment Therapy can help with everything from using a filing cabinet for baby supplies to how to go vertical with peg boards.


10. Just when I sat down…

hope you are not comfortable

11. Hold off, hospitals!

“Many hospitals approach childbirth from the premise that ‘more technology is better.’” Do you think hospitals are more inclined to intervene during labor with methods that may not be necessary? C-sections are now 33 percent of all births.


12. Infant dancing

When Kelly Clarkson releases a teaser for her new song, everyone listens, including 6-month-old River Rose.


13. Parental leave around the world

This week, President Obama announced that federal agencies should give their employees six weeks of paid leave. This may not be ideal, but considering our maternity and paternity leave ranks among the worst in the world, this is a great move forward for all families.

14. You have no idea

Some childless folks are ready to pounce on working parents. Whether it’s how they perform at, their schedule, or even how they parent. But this woman admits she was one of them, until, of course, she became a mom of her own. Hopefully other non-parents will take note and judge less.


15. Milk for Braxton

When one mom’s sudden death left her infant without breast milk, an entire community rallied to fulfill her wish for her child. Their voices have been heard.


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  1. Dori, this is only one of the many ways you make me proud! And now that you’re carrying on the tradition, I get to see how much fun it is to read this blog when you aren’t the one writing it each week.


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