Baby naming nightmares and kids crying in restaurants: the best in parenting moments this week

Everything from the happiness of parentless people to how to handle crying babies in restaurants, see the best parenting memes and videos this week.

1. You can’t a marry a man you just met

After my daughter told me she likes bad boys the way Rapunzel likes Flynn Rider, I’m grateful for this message in Frozen.

cant marry a man you just met

2. Baby naming will drive you crazy

Buzzfeed nailed it with this list of ways naming a baby will drive you crazy, and the gifs to go along with it. My personal fave? Number five.

3. Confused baby meets dad’s identical twin

This little girl’s facial expressions are priceless!

4. Are people without kids happier than us?

A Princeton-Stony Brook study found that parents tend to experience more highs and lows than childless people. A study by the Open University in England found that childless couples were happier with their partners than parents were. Read more here, and use these studies as an excuse to have a kids-free date night!

5. Crying babies in restaurants

Chicago chef Grant Achatz tweeted about a family who brought an 8-month-old to his upscale restaurant, Alinea, creating a heated debate on whether babies belong in fancy restaurants. He really stirred the pot on this one (ha!). Get the story, and don’t miss the response on Slate.

6. Just one little snack!

Gotta love the grandparents.

just one little snack

7. Dear ‘Daddy’ in seat 16C

A mom of a daughter with autism writes a moving letter to a man on her flight that entertained her daughter. There’s a special place in heaven for people like this guy.

8. My stillborn child’s life after death

Our Content Director, Jon VanZile, asked me one day, “Why do women love to cry?” Well, Jon, I DON’T KNOW. But we do, and this post is so moving that I can’t not share it.

9. Doing Dirty Dishes

Why do we share pictures that make us cringe? Because they’re relatable, that’s why.

doing dirty dishes

10. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t support breastfeeding moms

When Texas mom Ashley Clawson asked a Victoria’s Secret employee if she could nurse her child in a dressing room (after she spent $150 at the store), she was directed to go to the nearest alleyway. Come on, Victoria! Read the story.

11. Apple pays $32.5 million to parents of app-buying kids kids

Smart phone and tablet apps are great- they allow us to potty in peace, teach preschoolers how to read, and get some chores done. But what happens when your child makes app purchases without your knowledge? Apple fixed the issue by requiring passwords for app store purchases, but now they’re required to pay parents back. Read more about the settlement.

12. Post-it note parenting

Dad Chris Illuminati started a project on Tumblr based on his work-at-home dad experiences. He shares his parenting adventures through honest, sometimes snarky but always awesome, post-it notes. Check ’em out.


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  1. The baby naming article is spot on! I’ve decided if we ever do this again, we’re not revealing the name until the baby is born and it’s all official!

    1. Great idea. I still remember the people who hated the name we chose. 🙂

      1. Agreed! What about the people who still aren’t on board? a couple people are still confused about the pronunciation of “Maya” (It’s MY-uh. And here I thought I was giving her an easy name.) My father-in-law INSISTS it should be spelled “Mia,” even after I explained that Mia already exists as it’s own name, pronounced MEE-uh!

        1. I’m cracking up, Holly! No matter what you do, you can’t win ’em all. (And for the record, pretty sure Maya pronounced MY-uh is the norm!)

    1. Haha! Southerners and our mongramming… I’ll admit I wanted to determine my baby’s name so I could start buying smocked/monogrammed baby outfits! But that was my own timeline, not someone else’s. 😉

  2. Number 6 is my favorite!!! LOL!! Great post 🙂

    1. Yep- we can all relate to that one. 🙂


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