Babies going through tunnels and shower schizophrenia: the best in parenting this week

Hellooooo, 2015! Where did 2014 go? While I’m looking for it, check out this week’s best parenting memes and videos.

1. Babies going through tunnels

Turns out that tunnels are pretty amazing. These babies’ faces are priceless!

2. The Lacking Family Christmas Rap

This family has mad skills.


3. Best parenting video parodies of 2014

Today Parents put together a fun compilation of some of the best parenting parodies of 2014, all of which were featured in this weekly blog.


4. Babies in stockings

There is little in life sweeter than a newborn, unless it’s a newborn in a Christmas stocking! Check out these hospital nurseries, with all their snuggly holiday newborns swaddled in stockings.


5. Shower schizophrenia

Every. single. day.

shower freakout
Via Pinterest


6. Play-Doh upsets parents with accidental phallic toy

Sometimes we overreact as parents, but I’m not sure this is one of those times. Parents are pretty peeved with Play-Doh over this tool included in the Sweet Shoppe Mountain Playset.

7. Creative dad turns daughter’s sayings into art

“My tummy feels like bad guys.” “Mommy, are you still wearing your angry eyebrows?” These illustrations are awesome.


8. If adults argued like kids

While I agree with HowToBeADad that this lack of focus on the road looks dangerous, this video nails the way we feel every time we hear kids arguing.


9. Christmas Miracle Pregnancy Time Lapse

Love the simplicity of this one and the balloon metaphor.


10. What the voice of Disney princes look like

Aladdin is DJ Tanner’s boyfriend? Tarzan is President Fitz from Scandal? You’ll never hear these voices the same way again.


11. Mom whose reaction to ultrasound went viral had her quadruplets

Keeping up with Ashley and Tyson Gardner, the couple whose viral ultrasound reaction warmed the hearts of many? They gave birth to their “Quad Squad.”


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