Twinsies peek-a-boo and the wonderful world of mommy groups: the best in parenting this week

This week we are overloaded with happy babies who are amazed at discovering their parents, themselves, and others who may not exactly look just like them.

1. Mother ‘Hood

The mommy wars are at an all-time high, but at some point, we need to be reminded we are all in this together. This video from Similac has a funny take on what parenting means to everyone, but also has a powerful message.


2. Welcome to parenthood

Remember those times where you had peace and quiet all by yourself? Never again.

parents peeing alone for life


3. Baby Gosling Watch

Remember when Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes welcomed their baby girl and a part of us died a little inside? Bring it back to life knowing that Ryan is absolutely in love with his baby girl.


4. Twice the entertainment

What’s better than playing peek-a-boo with a baby? Watching them play it with each other.


5. Breastfeeding event told breastfeeders they couldn’t breastfeed

If you’re having an event all about breastfeeding, one would think that’s allowed, right? Wrong.


6. For the first time

Louise suffers from albinism, which has affected her eyesight. Watch as her mother puts on special glasses so she can see for the first time, then watch some of their other videos.


7. Whisper Terror

dont yell at your kids whispering is scarier
Via Dr. Laura


8. Boy Meets World—Literally!

Former Boy Meets World BFF Shawn Hunter has welcomed a boy of his own in real life with wife Alexandra Baretto. Bundoo sends their love to Baby Indigo!


9. The world of mommy groups

We’ve been covering the wonderful world of mommy groups over on the Bundoo blog, including the good times and the bad, plus all the questionable [and hilarious] ones.


10. The eyes of a child

As adults we sometimes forget to judge less and accept more. Good thing our kids are around to remind us that we are all the same.


11. The real pants party

Having a new baby around means sometimes we forget to put pants on. Not this dad! Not only did he remember to wear them, he can put them on without even putting his baby down. Well done, sir.


12. The struggles of maternity leave

One mom details her account of how she was fired at 9 months pregnant and all of the problems mothers must face when trying to welcome children into the world.


13. A PSA straight from the source

Not sure who to talk to about babyproofing your home? Watch out for these little objects and see how to save a choking baby.


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  1. Number 1 is my favorite! It is hilarious yet made me cry at the same time. Parents need to stick together. 🙂


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