How to breastfeed in public and the best newscast ever: the best in parenting this week

While we’re still trying to confirm (AKA crying over) if Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are having a baby, take a look at how to properly breastfeed in public and how modern parenting is in crisis mode.

1. Thailand nails yet another parenting commercial

Can technology soothe a fussy baby? Maybe not. But watch this commercial to see why Thailand tech company DTAC was okay sending the message that technology isn’t always the answer. (Hint: the message they did send was even sweeter.)


2. How to breastfeed appropriately

If you’ve ever thought, “she should really cover up,” this one’s not for you. Might be the funniest take on public breastfeeding I’ve read yet.


3. A dog who really wants to see the new baby

Introducing the family dog to the new baby can be nerve wracking, but not for this family.


4. 5 reasons why modern parenting is in crisis

A British nanny shares her thoughts on what’s wrong with today’s parenting, and they’re pretty enlightening.


5. Convos with my 2-year-old present “Elevator”

Coco and her grown-up impersonator are at it again. If you’ve ever watched your child’s interaction with another child and been annoyed, this one’s for you.


6. Forgotten Baby Syndrome backlash

We received so much negative feedback on our article that Dr. Sara posted a blog to respond to our Facebook fans. Whether you think it could happen to you or not, I think it’s important to be aware of the possibility and how it happens to even the most loving parents.


7. 27 kids who look like their doggy BFFs

Because there’s nothing cuter than a baby and a pup, unless it’s a baby that looks like a pup…


8. Kid newscast

Two kids deliver a newscast with no script, and it’s hilarious to hear what’s on their minds.


9. Best friends forever

What happens when a 3-year-old befriends an 89-year-old? Perfection.



10. When you really can’t wait

When Troy Dickerson’s wife, Kristin, was going into labor, he strapped on his GoPro and headed out the door. Then he caught the entire labor on video—none of which took place in a hospital room.



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