Grumpy Cat still hates frozen and little babies with big dog friends: the best in parenting this week

Luke Bryan makes country music-loving mamas swoon, a dad stands up against a popular song on behalf of dads everywhere, Grumpy Cat still doesn’t understand Frozen, and some adorable babies—some with dogs!

1. Luke Bryan’s got moves… and turns out they are genetic!

What’s better than Luke Bryan’s on-stage moves? His toddler son grooving next to him. (Kudos for the ear protection, Luke!)


2. Rude Cover (Dad’s Side of the Story)

This dad stands up against Magic’s song “Rude!” for dads everywhere. He takes it a little far, but the sentiment is so relatable and his singing is actually pretty good!


3. 19 little babies and their loveable dog friends

While I’m partial to the pugs and bulldogs, these are all just precious.

baby with dog


4. Love is an open door

As I’ve said before, Grumpy Cat just doesn’t get the Frozen hype.

grumpy cat frozen


5. Blended: photographer documents her adopted baby’s welcome to the family

Kate T. Parker adopted her infant nephew and documents his introduction to her family. The pictures and story they capture are beautiful… and oh, that baby’s cheeks!

baby cheeks Kate T Parker


6. Parenting, Dave Grohl style

Even cool rockstar dads pull the “hold on, first I have to…” move. (Mine’s for laundry and not guitar, but hey, I’ll take the similarities where I can get ‘em.)

Dave Grohl parenting


7. Long-lost photos show motherhood hasn’t changed

83-year-old photographer found a box titled “Mothers,” full of old photos of moms and their children. It’s a beautiful peek into the past—and it’s not too different from the present.


8. A boy who wears dresses and his dad who’s okay with it

A dad’s sweet story about accepting his son’s choice in clothing, even when it’s against the “norm.”

Dad with son in dress


9. Convos with my 3-year-old: “Coffee Table”

Explaining why you’re giving away old furniture or clothes to a toddler can be a dramatic experience.


10. Grieving father wants picture of baby without tubes and Reddit responds

It’s understandable to wish you had just one photo of your baby without her tubes from the hospital, especially if it’s the last one you’ll get. Other people thought so, too, and responded to this grieving dad with beautiful Photoshopped images of his baby girl.

Reddit baby without tubes


11. Hot car simulation

A North Carolina dad takes the “Hot car challenge” to raise awareness about hot car deaths.


12. Toddler rescues elderly man from a hot car

After cancer treatments and two recent strokes, a 68-year-old man was too weak to push his car doors open and in a panic when a 3-year-old boy came to his rescue.


13. Post-grocery shopping exhaustion

Because one can only do so many domestic duties in one day.

buy groceries don't cook


14. Debi Jackson and “That’s Good Enough”

Debi shares the story of her daughter, who transitioned from male to female when she was 4 years old, and addresses many of the criticisms she hears from others. A riveting, intelligent and emotional display of unconditional love and one family’s reality.


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Stephanie Winans is the Vice President of Operations at Bundoo. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hanging out with her husband and 4-year-old daughter, reading like it’s going out of style, or obsessing over recipes and shoes on Pinterest.


  1. Wow! Debi’s story is very touching. What a strong woman! That was an amazing speech and hopefully an eye opener for those who might not agree with her family’s choices. I also wish them nothing but the best.

    1. Totally agree. I applaud Debi, too, for speaking up and standing strong while making the decision she felt was best for her family.

  2. As usual you leave me both laughing and crying! Kudos for Debi Jackson for bravely sharing her story of AJ, I wish them only the best.

    1. I do my best. 😉


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