Parenting advice from kids and why dads are awesome: the best in parenting this week

The royal baby turned one, an apologetic dog is stealing hearts (and toys) everywhere, and we get schooled on why dads are awesome.

1. Dog steals a baby’s toy and then apologizes
Doggie Charlie just wanted to play, but when toy snatching made Baby upset, he apologizes by bringing the baby more toys.


2. Prince George is one!
Can you believe it has been a year?

Prince George Turns one
John Stillwell/PA wire service


3. I miss the village
Beautiful post on what modern parenting is missing. Let’s all agree to build villages, shall we? After reading this blog, I’m on it.


4. Best rendition of “You are my sunshine” ever
4-year-old Grace Anna doesn’t let Conradi-Hunermann syndrome—a rare form of dwarfism—stand in her way of sharing her gift of song with the world. Here’s her rendition of one of my personal favorites.


5. Jimmy Kimmel gets parenting advice from a kid
This 7-year-old’s advice is not only pretty rational with statements like “Babies just don’t do bad stuff,” but it’s hilarious.


6. #HowToDad
Why are dads awesome? They appreciate a kid’s creepy horse head mask, for one. Cheerios hit a home run with this relatable lesson on #HowToDad. Hat tip: Dadcamp.


7. Baby walks (or waddles) like mama
This tiny toddler imitates his pregnant mama’s walk. It’s definitely the sweetest way anyone has ever demonstrated the pregnant waddle!


8. What fatherhood is really like
I can’t speak from experience, but this looks legit.
Fatherhood perception vs. reality


9. Kid Safety with Harper
The most entertaining educational safety video I’ve ever seen. If your toddlers have a hard time taking advice from mom or dad, play this and let them get tips from a peer.


10. I can show you the…
Grumpy Cat just isn’t feeling Aladdin.

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  1. I love Harper’s oven safety tips. I think I need to show this to my 2.5 year old, Harper and see if she will listen to this little girl better than she does us!


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