Babies arguing with bulldogs and letters from summer camp: the best in parenting this week

Babies who could teach attorneys a thing or two, babies who mean business when eating cake, babies who plot against us, and babies who feel our pain when it’s swimsuit shopping time. It’s all about babies this week!

1. 33 babies devouring their 1st birthday cake

Serious, threatening, bewildered, funny… these expressions are all hilarious.


2. How are you feeling?

This pregnant mama’s response to this question was pretty awesome.



3. 8 Awesome (Yes, Awesome!) Things About Toddlers

My toddler mama friends can attest to the fact that I do love a toddler… And this post does a great job of explaining why they’re just so adorable.


4. A baby arguing with a bulldog

This baby sure knows how to state his case.


5. Dear mom, from summer camp

One mom’s unexpected letter from summer camp proves that maybe it’s best not to know what our kids are thinking.


6. 25 husbands that must be stopped

I don’t know about “must be stopped,” but these are pretty amusing!


7. And then…

Sometimes it really does feel like they’re plotting against us.



8. A girl’s first date

There’s something to be said for teaching your daughter how she deserves to be treated.


9. It’s swimsuit season

My thoughts, exactly.



10. The Jeremy Meeks meme from a parent’s point of view

The mugshot photo posted by the Stockton Police Department is all over the Internet and even made national news. But I’m a little bit surprised by the reactions (in 16,000+ Facebook comments) of women swooning over the felon. Maria Guido at Mommyish points out that we don’t need to send this message to our daughters by giving “bad boys” like Meeks this kind of attention.


11. Mom busts her daughter for lying about her period in the best way

This video from Tampon startup HelloFlo went viral this week, and it’s pretty funny (as long as period talk doesn’t make you squeamish).


12. Diaper changing according to a six-year-old

Jimmy Kimmel gets advice on parenting a newborn, including a how-to on changing diapers.


13. Oh, the betrayal

It feels a tad wrong to laugh, but it’s tough not to.



14. How one dad does a bun

Dads might not do it our way, but they can get pretty creative when getting the job done.

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  1. I love the 8 awesome things about toddlers. I need to keep this list handy whenever mine is having a meltdown or hitting her sister!

  2. Wow, the water works began to flow while watching #8. That was adorable!


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.