Dog teaches baby to crawl and what “pretty” really means: the best in parenting this week

If you’ve ever wondered whether your child and your dog were co-conspirators or felt awkward holding someone else’s newborn, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Dog teaches baby how to crawl

The phrase “partner in crime” was made for situations just like this.


2. Holding newborns

Do you remember what it was like the first time you held a baby? This boy’s face says it all.



3. What “you’re so pretty” really says to little girls

If research shows that young girls are interested in math and science, why aren’t they pursuing these careers when they get older? Verizon and Makers teamed up with Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani to make people think about the messages we’re sending our girls.


4. Dads respond to “Frozen”

This might be Frozen’s best parody yet.


5. Preschooler and Rottweiler: A duet

Have you ever heard a funnier nursery rhyme?


6. Julia Roberts has a secret parenting passion

Julia’s love for scaring her kids is intense. She just can’t get enough!

7. You’re cutting grapes wrong

Cutting your toddler’s grapes in half will never be cumbersome again, thanks to this dad whose video has blown minds this week.


8. Boy’s non-profit gives away 4,000 soccer balls to kids around the globe

10-year-old Ethan King started a nonprofit, Charity Ball, after visiting Mozambique with his father and realizing that donating soccer balls to impoverished communities could bring hope to children across the globe. Get more information and donate to the cause here.


9. Can you work and be a good mom?

Yes, Matt Lauer, we can. Are you asking your male CEO interviewees the same question? Read parents’ responses here.


10. President Obama and better workplace policies for parents

At the White House Summit on Working Families, President Obama admits that US workers needs better family-friendly policies. Read his essay on Huffington Post.


11. It’s official: read to your baby

This week, the AAP published formal recommendations encouraging pediatricians to talk with their patients about reading to babies. If you aren’t already, grab a book and start showing your baby the joys a good book can bring.


12. Boy invents product to reduce infant deaths

An 11-year-old student invented the E-Z Baby Saver, a product to reduce the number of infant deaths caused from parents who unintentionally leave them in hot cars.


13. Starbucks gives free drink to breastfeeding mom

When one customer was disturbed by a mom who was breastfeeding her baby, Starbucks handled the situation in the best possible way.


What was your favorite parenting moment this week? Share in the comments below.

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